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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts off the system and expound.

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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts off the system and expound.

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 10 Employee engagement activities for your remote team

Businesses become easier to run when the engagement of employees is high. Nowadays, employee engagement is not about working 9 to 5, but being involved and taking responsibility for the work done. When employees are engaged in their work, their motivation and will to work increase simultaneously. It is very important to note that by investing in the work environment of employees, a company can increase its overall productivity and efficiency quite visibly. 

10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities For Your Remote Team

Organize Employee Wellness Sessions

Since everybody is working from their respective homes, people tend to go into a relaxed mode and do the work at their own pace. It might result in not sitting properly or sitting in one place for a longer duration of time. It is of utmost importance to ensure that these things are avoided. HRs can host mental and physical wellness sessions for employees to participate in. It will give them some time off to engage in activities other than their work and the whole team doing it together will create a sense of belonging.

Hosting employee wellness sessions can create positive employee engagement. Providing gym memberships, giving free access to therapists, conducting meditation sessions can be the other few perks of these mental wellness programs. It will additionally keep the employees energized and productive!

Hosting Games

Dedicating a weekly or bi-weekly hour or day for the employees to communicate with each other, keeping their job profiles aside will help in better engagement since they cannot meet in person. It will also indulge them in healthy competitions and remove any unnecessary awkwardness between teammates. Moreover, employees from different departments can also get to know their peers and build healthy relationships. Spending time playing some fun employee engagement activities can make the employees feel happier and more involved in the organization.

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Creating Employee Journals

The Employee Journal is used for onboarding and developing new remote members. This includes creating private Slack channels or having software like Height or Slack to better communicate and keep note of the workings of each employee. All the employees can share their thoughts and opinions freely, without any fear of judgment. This will also bring in new perspectives of different individuals from various backgrounds and stimulate new thought processes and generate new ideas.

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Ice-Breaker Questions

Ice-Breaker sessions where employees get to interact with each other, keeping aside all the inhibitions could be included in virtual meetings and in conversations to level up the engagement rate of employees. These will bode well for new recruits and for employees to get to know one another better. Interaction between employees is important on various levels because it will ultimately lead to better functioning of the whole organization and better workplace culture. Therefore it is crucial for the HR Department to make sure everybody is at ease with their teammates. 

We at Pazcare have a weekly sync-up where we discuss the progress of different departments. This ensures that every sector of the company is aware of where everybody else is, in terms of work. We also have a session called ‘green light’, where all the employees, existing and new, share a ‘green light’ incident with the whole group, which can be anything that made them happy in the week. It is a fun and intimate way of talking about what makes an employee happy, outside of their respective work environment.

Virtual Get-togethers

Working remotely has said a no-no to office and birthday parties. So small virtual get-togethers can be held as a substitute. Celebrating virtual birthday parties, small achievements, the celebration of work anniversaries on Google meet can engage the employees with each other and the organization. You can also host virtual theme-based get-togethers, where every employee can dress up according to the decided theme and play games or just have a gala time together. It is a great way to make connections with your working counterparts outside the work environment. 

Organizing Workshops and Training Programs

Conducting workshop sessions and work-related training sessions for employees can increase their productivity. Conducting live sessions of these programs can upskill and engage them simultaneously, with the work that they are doing. This can also be done by conducting workshops for activities other than work, like photography or design, where like-minded employees can interact with each other. This not only helps them in their professional life but simultaneously helps in their personal life as well. The employees will get an opportunity to work on their hobbies too. 

Conducting group activities

Work from home can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits. Simple group activities like healthy eating, drinking enough water can be conducted informally and the winners can be given a gift card. In this way, you can build an employee wellness program in your workplace. This can improve employee engagement along with developing healthy habits to sustain the employees for a longer duration of time. 

Ted-style Talks by Employees

In this, the employees can be asked to conduct Ted-style talks. These types of employee engagement strategies can inculcate leadership qualities and boost the self-confidence of the employees to speak in an open space and put forward their views and opinions. 

  • The Team members can list the expertise they have, which could range from mathematical problems to mastering the recipe of their favourite dish. 
  • Allowing 3 to 4 extra minutes for a Q and A session.

This is an excellent way to help boost team engagement during virtual meet hours because it will create curiosity among peers to get to know the interests of their colleagues and get a peek into their personal lives.


If you want to have employee engagement activities for your work from home employees, talk to them, give them suggestions and try to understand their perspectives. Planning activities based on your employee’s needs and wants will help you have a high engagement rate. These virtual employee engagement activities must be entertaining. Only then, team engagement can be increased. These fun activities can create a sense of belonging to the organization, hence the employees can be more engaged at work. As we all are in the middle of a crisis and doing remote work, it is important to organize such fun employee engagement activities to boost productivity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the employee engagement rate and employee wellness. In this regard, a survey answered by 120+ HR and People Operations leaders was conducted to deeply understand how employers take care of mental health at the workplace and this India’s Health and Wellness at Work report had some interesting findings. Download your copy of the report now.



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