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Pazcare is your one-stop destination for delivering comprehensive healthcare for your employees, making digital claims as effortless as a click.


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The safety net your employees want,with the friction-free insurance management you want.All within a single dashboard. All at an affordable price

Fast approvals on a cashless network

100% of your claims approved in less than 20 minutes. Eliminate waiting periods through accessing a 10,000 strong, cashless hospital network. Pazcare is your single POC for healthcare claims

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get more

Rescue upto INR 75000 from your tax bill. Get a complete rebound when your insured sum is exhausted

taken care of

Hospitalised for just a day? No worries- Pazcare still covers your expenses

Add and delete employees

No more fighting spreadsheets.  Easily add and remove employees, increase or decrease policy values and automatically see claims adapt based on employee needs/ requests.


Cover all expenses before, during and after hospitalization for your entire family- even pre-existing diseases. Free health checkups, no sub-limits

70% increase in employee satisfaction

Hand your employees better health through free doctor consultations, healthcare checkups, mental wellness consults, etc.

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Here’s what our customers have to say.

Ish Jindal, TARS

Ish Jindal

Co-Founder, TARS Chatbot

“Get the best-in-class benefits deployed and managed without hassle with Pazcare. From insurance to virtual yoga with experts, Pazcare matches your needs and budgets for the best benefit experience for your team.”

Saurabh Gupta, Leo network

Saurabh Gupta

Co-founder, LEO Network

"I was amazed to see such flexibility in approach and competitive pricing. Flexi benefits will further enable my team to avail top employee benefits while working for a startup."

Nikunj Verma, cutshort

Nikunj Verma

CEO, Cutshort

"We didn't understand group healthcare benefits as well as we understand now. The Flexi-health plans and access to mental wellbeing therapists by Pazcare have been of great help to my team during these tough times. We are surely a happy client. Great job guys!"

India's #1 Digital claim assistance platform


trust us

1 lakh +

Life insured


Net promoter score
by HR leaders

How Pazcare works?

Pazcare is the simplest, easiest and the most affordable way to deliver effective healthcare schemes to your employees


No broker drudgery

Skip the annoying wait times and lengthy discussions with brokers and agents. We act as your single POC


No fine print

Get transparent pricing direct from the insurer. No sneaky add-ons or expenses


No rigid or inflexible plans

Customise your plans for every employee, with over 100+ scheme options

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We’re on a mission to make healthcare insurance easy for your employees ( and for you).See how thousands of employees are benefitting from Pazcare.

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