Confirmation letter

Confirmation letter

Confirmation letter meaning

A confirmation letter serves as a formal document that confirms specific details, such as employment terms, promotions, salary increments, or successful completion of a probation period. The letter usually includes details such as job title, responsibilities, salary, and other benefits.

Types of confirmation letters

Here are the common conformation letters given by employers to employees.

Job confirmation letter

A job confirmation letter is issued to an employee to confirm their permanent employment status after successfully completing the probation period. It often includes details like the job title, compensation package, and other terms and conditions.

Job confirmation letter sample

We are pleased to inform you that your probation period has been successfully completed as of [Date]. We are excited to confirm your continued employment as [Job Title] at [Company Name]. Your new monthly salary will be [Salary Amount], effective from [Effective Date]. We hope you will continue to contribute positively to our organization.

Confirmation letter after probation

This is similar to a job confirmation letter and is issued once an employee successfully completes their probation period. This letter confirms that the employee has been moved from a probationary status to permanent employment.

Confirmation letter after probation sample

Body of the letter → Following your probationary period, which ended on [Date], we are happy to inform you that you have been confirmed as a permanent employee of [Company Name]. You will continue to work in your current role of [Job Title] and will be entitled to all benefits accorded to permanent employees as per our company policy.

Salary or appraisal confirmation letter

This type of letter confirms an employee’s salary details, often after a performance review or job confirmation. The letter will include the gross salary, allowances, and other financial benefits.

Salary or appraisal confirmation letter sample

Body of the letter → This letter serves as confirmation of your salary increase, effective [Effective Date]. The decision was taken after your recent performance review. Your new gross monthly salary will be [New Salary Amount]. This revision also includes [mention other allowances or benefits if any].

Internship confirmation letter

An internship confirmation letter is issued to confirm the acceptance of a candidate for an internship position. It includes the internship period, roles and responsibilities, and any stipend or benefits that will be provided.

Internship confirmation letter sample

Body of the letter → We are pleased to confirm your acceptance as an intern in our [Department] for the period starting from [Start Date] to [End Date]. During this period, you will report to [Supervisor's Name], and your stipend will be [Stipend Amount]. We look forward to your contributions and learning experience.

Confirmation of employment letter

This is a more general letter confirming that a person is employed with the company. These are often requested by the employee for purposes like applying for a loan or visa. It mentions the employment status, job title, and sometimes, the salary.

Confirmation of employment letter sample

Body of the letter → We hereby confirm that [Employee’s Name] is currently employed with [Company Name] as a [Job Title]. [He/She] has been working with us since [Start Date] and earns a gross salary of [Salary Amount]. This letter is being issued at the employee’s request for the purpose of [Purpose, e.g., loan application].

Balance confirmation letter

In the HR context, a balance confirmation letter could be used to confirm the settlement of accounts or dues between the company and employee. This is not as common as other types of confirmation letters but could be relevant in cases of final settlements or for verification purposes.

Balance confirmation letter sample

Body of the letter → We are writing to confirm that as of [Date], your account balance for any pending dues or receivables with [Company Name] stands at [Amount]. If there are any discrepancies, kindly report them within [Time Frame]. Otherwise, this balance will be considered accurate and final.

Confirmation Letter Format

The format typically includes:

  • Company's letterhead
  • Date
  • Employee's name and address
  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter (copy from below section)
  • Closing remarks and signature

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