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Healthcare experience for new-age employees.

You want your employees to have a flawless healthcare experience? We got you! Try Pazcare and design your first healthcare benefits plan today.

Pazcare group insurance

Your employees will love it.

Insurance, wellness, and other benefit programs - all in one single platform. Pazcare is majorly known for its ease of use and simplicity.
Pazcare employee dashboard

Instant access to plans

Know what workplace benefits are included and access them through app or desktop. From getting hospitalized to discharge, Pazcare assists throughout.

Explicit policy coverage information

Say no to the traditional insurance jargon and phrases. Pazcare clearly mentions what is included and excluded and helps stay informed.
Pazcare employee dashboarddotted background
Pazcare employee dashboarddotted background

Seamless claim experience

Employees can file claims immediately after hospitalization, through the app. Our support experts assist 24X7 and give you the best possible experience while claiming your bills.
  • Cashless claim assistance  
  • Secure digital reimbursement  
  • Track your claims in real-time
Pazcare employee dashboard

Digital Health Cards

Employees can show their Pazcare digital health cards available on the app and start their treatment at any of the top hospitals. No questions asked.

Pazcare customer support

24x7 Support

Pazcare gives you instant human-to-human support through Whatsapp and calls. Rest assured - your messages will be
kept secure.

The most loved employee healthcare benefits in 2021

5star ratings

Best pricing along with an easy-to-use platform made managing team insurance much easier for startups like us.

Aquibur Rahman
Aquibur Rahman
CEO, Mailmodo
5star ratings

The attention to detail and response time of Pazcare has made us their customer for life.

Supriya Paul
Supriya Paul
CEO, Josh Talks
5star ratings

GMC + wellness plan is of great help to my team during these tough times. We are surely a happy client. Great job guys!

Nikunj Verma
Nikunj Verma
CEO, Cutshort
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Frequently asked questions for HR's and Admin teams
Can I add or remove members after the initial setup?
Yes, you can add new employees, add new dependents (at the time of marriage or childbirth), and remove employees who exit the company. Additions and deletions can be done using the Pazcare dashboard.
How do I pay for additions and deletions?
We create a Cash Depository (CD) account in the name of your company. Whenever any deletions happen, we credit your CD account with the balance. Whenever any additions happen, we debit your CD account with the required premium.
Can an employee convert the group plan to an individual plan if they leave the company?
Yes, the employee could move to a similar policy with the same insurance company, but the premium may change. Employees may carry the continuity details from their old policy to get an exemption on the waiting period.

Curate and implement the right workplace benefits for your team.