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Upgrade your health insurance cover up to ₹20 lakhs with plans starting from ₹608/year.


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Why should you buy Super top-up?

why buy super top-up
Rising healthcare costs

Rising healthcare costs

Healthcare costs in India are rising 2X the inflation rate. A health insurance plan with a limited sum insured may not be sufficient to cope with it and face unexpected circumstances.

Super top-up remains with you

Super top-up remains with you

The super top-up plan remains valid even if you quit your job unlike any other health insurance provided by your company.

Additional tax benefits

Additional tax benefits

When you buy a Super top-up, you get tax benefits under section 80D for the premium you pay.

cover parents and its in law

Cover parents/parents in law

Unlike standard health insurance plans, the premiums are much lower to cover your parents.

What is a Super top-up plan?

A Super top-up is an additional cover of up to ₹20 lakhs you can buy for yourself or your family members on top of your existing health insurance plan.

The price of the premium will vary based on the deductible chosen.

A deductible is an amount you have to pay either from your pocket or covered by your other medical insurance before Super top-up comes into play. Say, you have a super top-up for ₹20 lakh with a deductible of ₹1 lakh, you have to pay the ₹1 lakh and the super top-up will cover the rest.

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what is super top-up

How does a Super top-up policy work?


Mr. Raghav aged 36 has a health insurance cover of ₹4 lakhs.

He gets a Super top-up plan of ₹20 lakhs with a deductible of ₹4 lakhs.

Covered by your existing insurance

₹4 L

Remaining covered by Super top-up


Paid by Super top-up


Let’s say he gets hospitalised and the hospital bill is ₹11 lakhs. He can use his Super top-up to pay the bill where the ₹4 lakhs deductible will be covered by his existing insurance and the rest ₹7 lakhs will be covered by his Super top-up.

Covered by your existing insurance

₹4 L

₹7 L

₹13 L

Paid by Super top-up


There’s still ₹13 lakhs left in his Super top coverage that he can use the next time without paying the deductible.

Covered by your existing insurance

₹13 L is left for future claims

₹4 L

₹7 L

₹13 L

Paid by Super top-up

Who can buy Super top-up health insurance plans?

why buy super top-up
sum insured

Individuals with limited sum insured plans

If you have health insurance with less sum insured and limited benefits, then you can upgrade your plan with Super top-up without having to spend a lot.

Parents and Senior citizens

Parents and Senior citizens

Health insurance premiums are higher for elderly people. Sometimes, the insurers deny to cover old people. But you can cover your parents and parents-in-law with a Super top-up.

People with corporate health insurance

People with corporate health insurance

If you feel that your company's health insurance coverage is not enough, you can buy a super top-up health plan. This way you can increase your coverage without having to pay as much as your would for a standard health plan.

How can a super top-up plan help the employees?

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Remains valid even if you quit your job unlike health insurance given by your company.

Can add spouse, children, in-laws and parents

Get tax benefit under Section 80D for the premium you pay

15 days free cancellation of super top-up if you change your mind

What’s covered in your super top-up policy?

pre hospitalization

Pre hospitalization

30 days of pre-hospitalization expenses are covered

post hospitalization

Post hospitalization

60 days of post-hospitalization expenses are covered

room rent limit

Room rent limit

Single private room for non-ICU. No limit on ICU.

day care treatment

Daycare treatment

Daycare procedures are covered

Health checkup

Health check-up

Annual health check-ups are covered on completion of a certain duration of the policy period.

road ambulance charges

Road ambulance charges

ambulance charges are covered


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The Pazcare team was very helpful in helping us with the details and the documents needed for the claim process. Everything about the company is impressive.


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I got quick and satisfactory replies and the entire process was fast. I got the claim amount in less than one week after submitting my claim.

Frequently Asked Questions on Super top-up in health insurance

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What is the meaning of super top-up in health insurance?

Super top-up extends your health insurance coverage. You can get it by paying a premium. It helps you with covering more hospital bills up to a limit specified. You have to pay a deductible to get super top-up activated.

Should I buy super top-up health insurance?

If you think your current insurance coverage is not enough or if you want to add dependents to your policy, you should buy super top-up. It is easy to increase cover and add dependents with super top-up.

What is the difference between top-up and super top-up?

Both are extensions to your existing health cover. However, top-up is valid for only one hospitalization claim and super top-up is valid for all hospitalizations in a year up to the specified limit. You have to pay the deductible for top-up for every claim in a year whereas for super top-up only once in a year.

How does a super top-up health insurance work?

You choose a deductible and pay the premium for super top-up. When required, you pay the deductible with money or with existing health coverage for it to get triggered to cover your hospitalization expenses.

Is a super top-up health insurance plan cheaper?

Yes, compared to retail policy, super top-up is cheaper and has many other benefits like reduced waiting period, ease of adding dependents, etc.

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