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Pazcare's exclusive survey and reports

Pazcare conducts in-house surveys for HRs and founders across country to understand differents aspects of employee benefits and employee benefits management.

State of employee insurance 2.0
State of employee insurance 2.0

A simplified benchmark report for HR leaders on GMC policies in India. We analysed over 1500+ GMC policies and created an industry-wise insights report on the coverage and offerings.

Working with CEOs for People Success
State of employee benefits in 2023

Check out how HR practitioners across industries are thinking about employee benefits at their organizations - What do they currently offer to their employees, how is it working, future plans,  etc.

Employee wellness
India's health and wellness at work - a report

Compiled from a survey of more than 100+ enterprises to bring to limelight employees' health and wellness at workplaces.

Employee wellness
An in-depth survey on state of employee workplace benefits in India

This survey report puts things into perspective for HRs and founders with regards to employee benefits provided by companies of all sizes in India.

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