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Working with CEOs for People Success

A simple guide to people leaders on building and maintaining a dynamic relationship with the C-suite.

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How HRs should work with Csuite executives

Why should you read this ebook?

The HR function has become increasingly influential in the last few years and the CEOs are leaning toward their HR leaders more than ever to guide their companies and culture.

This eBook aims to help people leaders with some best practices for working with CEOs and other C-suite executives to achieve organizational goals.

What does this ebook cover?

  • Why an organization needs HR in the C-suite?
  • How to build a dynamic relationship with the CEO?
  • 5 core competencies you need to be a great addition to the C-suite
  • People strategy + Business strategy = meeting organizational goals
  • Bridging the gap between C-suite leader’s thinking and employee expectations
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Acquibar Rahman


Acquibar Rahman
How HRs should work with Csuite executives

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