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Why do people leaders choose Pazcard?

Comprehensive Benefits

Comprehensive benefits

Pazcard lets you offer multiple benefits like food wallet, fuel wallet, telecom wallet and much more.

Open Network

Open network

As employees get a physical card, they can use the wallet money even at non partner merchants

Powerful Dashboard

Powerful dashboard

From assigning benefits to tracking balances and invoices, manage everything in one place.

When I founded Wint Wealth, I knew our employees deserved the best. So we adopted both Pazcare’s insurance and their innovative Pazcard.

With Pazcard my employees are now able to save taxes on their food and fuel expenses. Whether ordering food online or buying groceries at supermarkets our employees use Pazcard on a daily basis.

Ajinkya Kulkarni
CEO & Co-Founder

Ajinkya Kulkarni

When we wanted to give more employee benefits, Pazcard was the answer to our needs.
Their competitive pricing and diverse benefits - from food, fuel, telecom, to gifts wallets elevated our employee perks. What sealed the deal was their flexible, supportive team. Now we’re offering more and better, without breaking the bank.

Umang Mehta
Sr Operations Manager


Tax-savings across different income tax slabs

*Allowances are provided according to the terms & conditions of the organization. Tax exemption applies as per the govt. prescribed limit.

Allowances* Monthly (₹) Annually (₹) Tax Savings/Annum (₹)
Slab-1 (5%) Slab-2 (20%) Slab-3 (30%)
Meal Card 2,200 26,400 1,320 5,280 7,920
Fuel Card 2,400 28,800 1,440 5,760 8,640
Gift Card 4,999 250 1,000 1,500
Telecom 2,000 24,000 1,200 4,800 7,200
Learning & Development 3,000 36,000 1,800 7,200 10,800
Books & Periodicals 1,500 18,000 900 3,600 5,400
Gadgets & Equipments 5,000 60,000 3,000 12,000 18,000
Total Allowance 16,100 1,93,200
Total Tax Saved 9,910 39,640 59,460

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FAQs on tax-saving employee benefits solutions

Have questions? We are here to help

What are tax-saving employee benefits solutions?

The government has allowed a few components to be a part of your CTC and save tax on the same. These can be either allowances or reimbursements. These components namely are meal/grocery, fuel & driver salary, gifts, telecommunication and internet, books and periodicals, learning and development, gadgets and equipment, health and wellness, office wear, and leave travel allowance (LTA).

Where can I use my Pazcare food wallet?

The Pazcare food wallet is accepted by a wide variety of merchants ranging from apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Zepto, etc to your local supermarket. Both online and offline transactions can be made using your food wallet from Pazcare.

Is the money credited to the food wallet tax-free?

Yes, the money credited to the food wallet is tax-free.

How do I set up the Pazcare wallet?

To set up the Pazcare wallet, download the Pazcare mobile app for employees. Sign up and submit the documents required for proof of verification. After that complete the KYC process to start using the Pazcare food wallet or any other Pazcare wallet. You can also request a physical VISA payment card for your offline transactions.

Where can I track my Pazcare wallet spending?

All your wallet transactions can be tracked inside the Pazcare mobile app for employees.

Does the money credited to my wallet expire?

The money credited to your food wallet and gift wallet does not at the end of a financial year. Other wallets like fuel wallets, allowance wallets, telecom wallets, etc expire at the end of a financial year and the money unused money present in those wallets is taxable.

Can the unutilised balance of the Pazcare wallets be carried forward to the next year?

Only the unutilised balance of the Meal and Gift wallet be carried forward to the next year.

What is the validity of the Pazcard?

The Pazcard is valid for 5 years.

What are the modes of payment allowed with the Pazcard employee benefits solution?

Employees can make online payments using the Pazcard details and physical payments using the physical visa card.

How can I order my physical benefits card with Pazcare?

Visit the Pazcare app, and click on Pazcard from the bottom panel. Next, click on “Card Controls” from the top panel and then click on “Card Settings”. There will be an option to request a physical card.

If lost or stolen, first, enable “Lock Pazcare Card'' and then scroll down and click on “Report Lost/Stolen Card” if you want to reorder your card. Your virtual card will be active immediately and you can reorder your new card from the card control section.

What happens to the wallet balance if the employee leaves the organization mid-financial year?

The employee will be deactivated and no further amount can be loaded into the wallets by the employer. However, the employee will be free to use the balance on the card. It will purely depend on the employer if they want to charge tax on the unutilised amount on the wallets (except meal and gift wallets) before deactivation.

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