Group personal accident insurance for your team.

Road accidents are one of the top 10 causes of death in India. Protect your employees from unfortunate accidents and expenses with the best group personal accident insurance in India.

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What is group personal accident insurance policy?

Group personal accidental insurance policy like any group policy is given by a company to its employees. A group personal accident insurance generally covers hospitalization and permanent/temporary disablement expenses after an accident. In case of death, the complete sum insured is given to the nominee of the employee.

Unlike group health insurance, a group personal accident insurance plan doesn’t have to be a blanket cover. The sum insured can be different for employees at different grades/levels. Thus, getting the best group personal accident policy for employees is your first step to protecting your workforce.

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Why buy a group personal accident insurance plan?

Did you know that accidents cause around 4.8% of deaths in India?


Financial stability

Accidents are uncertain. The only way to secure and care for your team in these situations is by providing financial stability with a group personal accident insurance coverage.


Providing group personal accident policy to your employees as a benefit is not only great for retaining employees, but it also establishes organizations as responsible leaders in the market.


Offering employee benefits like a group personal accident insurance scheme ensures your employees’ well-being. Ultimately, your team feels belonged and a happy mind is a productive mind.

List of insurers that provide group personal accident policy in India



Claim settlement ratio

Edelweiss Group
Tata AIG
Go digit insurance
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
Care health insurance
Aditya Birla insurance
New india
ICICI Lombard
Oriental insurance

Key features of group personal accident insurance policy

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Your group personal accident insurance plan provides you with comprehensive coverage with all accident related expenses.

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In the case of a temporary disability, monetary assistance will be provided for 104 weeks to compensate for the loss of pay.

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100% of sum insured is paid to the nominee in case of the accidental death of the insured.

What should your group personal accident insurance cover?


Accidental death

The sum insured in group personal accident insurance for employees will be paid to the nominee of the deceased.


Transportation charges

Make sure the policy you choose covers transportation (ambulance) charges.


Permanent or temporary disablement fund

Ensure there are provisions where disability is covered, both temporary and permanent under group personal accident insurance schemes.

group insurance Pazcare
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Why should you buy group personal accident insurance from Pazcare?


Increase cover easily

If the employees’ designation changes in mid-year, you can change it easily with the help of our dashboard. With Pazcare, it is easier to manage your online group personal accident insurance policy.

Customer care

Our Pazcare customer support is present 24x7. We help you and your employees at every step of your claim process.

Compare quotes

Pazcare will provide multiple quotes from different insurance providers to help you choose the best fit for your organization. You can also get your group personal accident insurance policy online from Pazcare.

Things to know before buying a group personal accident cover


Waiting period

There is no waiting period. The policy cover starts from day 1. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

One point of contact

No waiting on customer support calls. From the day you purchase the GPA policy, you will have a dedicated SPOC to handle your employees and help you out at all times.

Go beyond insurance!

Now go a level further by adding health and wellness plans like therapy, wellness sessions, unlimited doctor consultations, and many more to your group personal accident policy.

Easy claim process

Even though the claim process differs from case to case. Pazcare ensures to help you out at every level of claim reimbursement journey.

HRMS integration

Pazcare dashboard can be easily integrated with your HRMS to automate endorsements.

Mobile app for employees

Easy access to policy details, inclusion and exclusions using the mobile application.

Sum assured

Companies can choose to offer different sum assured amounts based on the designation/CTC of the employees.

How to claim your group personal accident insurance?

Claim process can be taxing for employees and HRs. When any claim request is triggered, we take charge and help your employees every step of the way. The claim process and documents required are different for different cases. However, we have listed the general claim process for group personal accident insurance.

Claim process

  • Claims should be raised within 30 days.
  • In case of hospitalization and disability, employees can avail cashless or reimbursement treatment in the network hospital.
  • In case of death, the insurer will give the organization/nominee the sum insured.

Common documents required for claim process

  • Claim form from the insurer
  • Disability certificate from doctor
  • Copy of FIR
  • All originals bills and medical documents
  • Identity card and proof of address
  • Details of the Nominee
  • Canceled cheque of employee/nominee
  • Death certificate

Documents required to buy group personal accident insurance policy for employees

  • Employee ID
  • Designation
  • Name
  • Annual CTC details
  • Date of birth
  • Sum assured
  • Gender

Who should buy group personal accident insurance?


HR leaders

For a 10/10 employee experience and satisfaction
Founders and CXO


For staying on top of your employer branding
Finance controllers

Finance controllers

Healthcare benefits that are “value for money”

Frequently asked questions about group personal accident insurance policy

Reasons for claim rejection in GPA

  • Suicide or self injury
  • Accidental injuries by indulging in any criminal acts, war or terrorism
  • Adventure sports
  • Injuries caused during abusing drugs or under alcohol influence

What are the documents required?

  • Employee ID
  • Designation
  • Name
  • Annual CTC details
  • Date Of Birth
  • Sum assured
  • Gender

How to increase the cover of the employee if their designation changes in mid of the year?

Our Pazcare dashboard is equipped to add, delete or update any detail of the employee at any time. HRs can easily edit designation and increase cover using the dashboard. If the dashboard is integrated with the HRMS tool, then a new update will be reflected within seconds and the cover will be increased instantly.

What if HR fails to register the nominee of the employee during their joining?

If for any reason HR fails to register any nominee, the client (Organization of the insured) will be given the reimbursement. Then, the organization will give the reimbursement to the employee or their loved one in cases of death or disability due to an accident. Pazcare helps you at every level of claim reimbursement.

What if an employee loses a limb during the accident, what percentage of sum insured will be provided to them?

Every Insurance provider has set a different percentage. Your Insurance provider will mention the complete details on the policy. In any case, feel free to reach out to Pazcare customer support for any doubt.

what is group voluntary accident insurance

Group voluntary accident insurance is a way to provide your employees with added protection to meet their individual requirements. It help employees pay for unexpected costs if thye meet an accident