1st ever Employee Benefits Survey Report
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India’s Health and Wellness at Work

Compiled from a survey of more than 100+ enterprises, with in-depth analysis on how employees are being taken care by their employers. Must read for teams that are rethinking workplace health and happiness.

India’s Health and Wellness at Work - Download your Copy

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Survey Report 2021

The first survey of its kind, answered by 120+ HR and People Operations leaders.

Industry wise breakdown and comparisons
Measures taken by enterprises to safeguard employees health
Different types of health benefits offered by employers
Current state of employee benefits programs in India
Quotes from seasoned HR leaders and professionals
Indian companies

Deep dive into how enterprises are prioritising employee health and benefits at work

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Deep dive into how enterprises are prioritising employee health and benefits at work.

With responses from every industry and top roles, India’s Health and Wellness at Work Report is a must read for C-suite, HR and People Operations leaders out there.

The most loved employee healthcare benefits in 2021

Ish Jindal

Ish Jindal

Co-Founder, TARS Chatbot

“Get the best-in-class benefits deployed and managed without hassle with Pazcare. From insurance to virtual yoga with experts, Pazcare matches your needs and budgets for the best benefit experience for your team.”

Aquib Rahman

Aquibur Rahman

CEO, Mailmodo

"The most important USP of a corporate insurance provider is their support team, and Pazcare is the best when it comes to providing support, being readily available, and solving queries. Besides these perks, they also provided us with the best pricing along with an easy-to-use platform that makes managing team insurance easier."

Nikunj Verma

Nikunj Verma

CEO, Cutshort

"We didn't understand group healthcare benefits as well as we understand now. The Flexi-health plans and access to mental wellbeing therapists by Pazcare have been of great help to my team during these tough times. We are surely a happy client. Great job guys!"

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