Transformative health benefits: The Dozee way to employee’s sense of security.

Dozee is a pioneer in contactless remote patient monitoring systems founded by Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani in 2015.

Dozee is changing the game not only with their cutting-edge solutions in healthcare but also with their approach to taking care of their team.

The Challenge

Dozee is a new-age company with a fresh, young team. The Covid-19 pandemic threw a curveball not just for them but also for everyone. Suddenly, the people function team at Dozee had to worry about the health of their employees and their families more than ever. This heartfelt concern pushed them to hit the drawing board and totally rethink their employee insurance and benefits package.

The Outcome

Roughly 65% of our team live apart from their families, which can be pretty tough. It’s super important they have peace of mind and room to breathe. By setting up comprehensive insurance and health benefits in place, we’ve seen a great boost in focus and sense of security among employees. We’re all about making sure our team feels at home, no matter where they are.

Devaiah Somayanda
Devaiah Somayanda
Head of Human Resources, Dozee

Decoding the success blueprint

Let’s hear from Dozee’s team about how they designed the best insurance and health benefits for their employees.

To start with, we wanted an make sure everyone felt included. So we didn’t just stick with vanilla insurance. Instead, we upped our game and threw in coverage for extended families, benefits for LGBTQ+ folks, live-in partners, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek into a few such customizations

1. LGBTQ+ and Live-in partner coverage

We strongly believe that care and protection should never be limited by labels. So we wanted to design a coverage that embraces diversity and celebrates love in all its beautiful forms.

2. Bereavement cover

In case of the death of the policyholder, the nominee would get the full sum insured.

3. Pet insurance

Our furry friends are family too, just like any loved one, they deserve the best care. Dozee’s has introduced pet insurance to keep their tails wagging and purrs rolling, covering those unexpected vet bills.

4. No deductions on death benefits

Should a loss occur during hospitalization, rest assured that no deductions will be made on the claim. In such a difficult time, we feel it’s important to provide complete support - so the full claim amount will be honoured and paid out to help ease the burden.

5. Adopted children in the family definition

Embracing an adopted child into your family is a journey of love. In India, where family ties run deep, we wanted to do our part by including adopted children in insurance coverage.

6. Continuity/portability benefit

We didn’t want our employees worrying about pre-existing conditions and starting with insurance all over again. This lets them choose what’s best for them without losing what they’ve already gained by converting their group policy to a retail policy.

7. Wellbaby charges within maternity limit

To make sure that welcoming a newborn is not just a joyous journey but also a smooth one too, we have included wellbaby charges within maternity limit.

Dozee’s inclusive and empathetic approach to employee benefits has been nothing short of inspirational. By extending insurance cover to adorable pets to ensuring seamless portability benefits, Dozee has reshaped what it means to put employees first.

Partnering with them on this journey, Pazcare is happy to support Dozee’s vision. Pazcare’s role has been to facilitate their desire for an inclusive, comprehensive benefits, adding our expertise to their innovative approach.

As we move forward, the share goal of delivering outstanding care and support to employees stays at the forefront of our collaboration.

After all, in a world that’s constantly changing, one thing remains the same: People are at the heart of everything we do. So here’s to creating workplaces that care - today, tomorrow, and always.

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Helping Dozee in building their inclusive and comprehensive benefits package was not just fulfilling, but a whole lot of fun. Their commitment to their team’s well-being made our collaboration both insightful and heartwarming.

Vinod S

Vinod S

Senior Insurance consultant, Pazcare

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