Health and wellness packages for your team.

Take care of your team by providing more than just insurance - your employees would love this.

Caring for your team is now easy and affordable

Wellness & Personalised therapy sessions

In today’s day and age, it’s a must that every working individual takes part in wellness and therapy. Help your employees stay relaxed and productive by offering a comprehensive wellness plan.

Starts at Rs 299/employee/yr

Organisational Diagnostics using Periodic surveys & evaluations.

Access to premium coaches and therapists in the industry.

Weekly workshops and webinars on requested themes.

Dedicated number for Self-Help personalised support

Unlimited Doctor Consultations

Book online doctor consultations from the country’s most trusted hospitals, by simply using the Pazcare app.

Starts at Rs 349/employee/yr

Includes family members upto 5 members.

Video consultations with top doctors 24X7.

Offline consultations available from 6000+ doctors.

No auto-assigning of doctors, users can choose their own doctor.

Women’s Healthcare Package

Pazcare offers accessible, personalised and confidential healthcare solutions for women.

Starts at Rs 449/employee/yr

Personalised health coach to guide you through your health and wellness journey.

Get collaborative care with our handpicked non-judgemental specialists.

Workshops and webinars with the community.

Dashboard for you to analyse habits and track metrics.

Regular Health Checkups

Frequent health checkups to diagnose diseases at an early stage.

Starts at Rs 649/employee/yr

Basic Full Body Checkup - CBC 23, Lipid, Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney Profiles.

Comprehensive Full Body Check Up - Above & Hormones, Pancreas & Cardiac Profile, Cancer Screening

Blood Test and Blood Samples - Blood sample collection at home at your convenience.

Ability to customise and choose your tests.

The most loved employee healthcare benefits in 2021

Engage your employees with weekly virtual wellness sessions.
What are the most common health benefits that companies set up?
Health benefits are add-ons that are opted-for by a company for their employees. While there are several add-ons available, most companies go for OPD consultation, annual health checkups and mental wellness support over and above their cover.
Can I set up these benefits a few months after I have set up health insurance?
Add-ons can be easily added to your cover after the purchase as well. You can get in touch with our team and they will assist you in adding these extra benefits.
Can employees buy these plans on their own?
No, all these add-on plans are heavily negotiated and offered exclusively for Pazcare clients on corporate purchases only.