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An employee retention strategy for 2023

Addressing hard-hitting challenges and contemporary solutions

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Employee Retention Strategies

Why should you read this ebook?

This ebook doesn't overwhelm you with strategies that are commonly found on the internet. You will find the practical insights that you can implement in your workplace after read this ebook.

What does this ebook cover?

  • HR insights Hear from HRs what things you should prioritize for a successful retention strategy.
  • Changing dynamics Understand how to accommodate the changing dynamics of a workplace in making a retention strategy.
  • Solid methods Best ways to find out why your employees are leaving your organization before it is too late.
  • Case study A detailed case study of an organization with less than 7% attrition.
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Retention will be one of the key success metric in 2023. As we find innovation in hiring, retention will come at a higher expected value. This e-book decodes how to retain in a simple way.

Rohan Mankad

HR executive

Rohan Mankad
Employee Retention Strategies

Make a difference this year. And let that be the difference in your attrition rate.