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Group health insurance guide
A foolproof employee retention strategy for 2023.

This ebook delves deep into best practices, insights from industry leaders, and case studies - but all suited for the real challenges people leaders face with the current workforce.

Group health insurance guide
Working with CEOs for People Success

This eBook aims to help people leaders with some best practices for working with CEOs and other C-suite executives to achieve organizational goals.

Group health insurance guide
Everything About Group Health Insurance

We have put everything a HR/founder/employee will need to understand group health insurance. This covers everything including how to choose the best GHI, tax deductions, claims, deductibles, waiting period and all the insurance jargons explained.

Paz for startups
Understand Group Term Life Insurance - Your ultimate guide

Group term life insurance is a simple insurance with important benefits. We have compiled and explained everything you would need to understand group term life insurance.

Paz for startups
Group Health Insurance for Startups - Get a smart and low-cost insurance

Group health insurance for startups - Here's how founders and HRs can buy a cost-efficient group medical insurance policy for their small teams.

corporate wellness programs guide
Design A Corporate Wellness Program

This guide will take you through how to understand your employees and design and a corporate wellness program. From basics to examples, this is the only guide you need to come up a successful corporate wellness program or upgrade one.

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