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Organizational culture and it's impact on Employee performance

Shob is one of my closest friends. Whenever we met, we used to talk about work. I like how she enjoys her work. How she loves going to work...

Shob is one of my closest friends. Whenever we met, we used to talk about work. I like how she enjoys her work. How she loves going to work everyday. This made me think more about it. What is something employees are looking for from companies? It is not always about how much you get paid or the number of paid leaves or how big a company is. There is more to it. Here are few things for you to think about before we get into the topic-Are you employees happy with the whole work environment?- Do they really enjoy the benefits that come with the job?-Do they feel they are paid fairly?- How often do they feel burnt out at work and if so do they get over the situation?If you have answers to the above questions that you are proud of, kudos! You have a great organizational culture. If not, do not worry. Let’s dive deep into it and understand how a good organizational culture can impact the employee’s performance.

What is Organizational culture?

Organizational culture - It is difficult to confine it in a definition. Organizational culture includes internal values, beliefs, experiences, way of thinking and what not. But most importantly, these should be shared within the organization to be able to achieve a better work environment.Also, there is no one size fits all and there is no right or wrong. It is completely up to the organizations to decide what values they want to emphasize and how they want to communicate among them.You might ask now, is it even that important that you keep throwing light on organizational culture almost a hundred times by now?Hold that one for a bit.

Companies with best Organizational culture

Let us not stick to the dull conversation of what, why and how of things. However, I’d like to talk about two of my favourite companies that have a great organizational culture.Google is a treasure trove of benefits. From gyms to employee trips, bonuses and free food, you have everything there. Employees are not just loyal to the company but are at their happiest. According to Entrepreneur, Unhappy employees are said to be 10% less productive than the happy, satisfied employees. Another interesting example is Twitter’s weekly hackathon. How often do you feel motivated to explore your personal interests and ideas at work? Not quite often.But Twitter runs this weekly hackathon where the employees get to work on their ideas. Cool isn’t it? You create an environment where you get to do things that you love with like minded people. This might not be the biggest thing. But it really struck hard when I heard it for the first time.

Impact of Organizational culture on Employees performance

  • A good company culture will make an employee feel part of the organization. This creates a sense of belonging to the company.Now, they tend to do things not just for the sake of it but for the company’s good as well.
  • When the company’s goal aligns with the interests of individual employees, there’s nothing better than it. They don't just feel like working for the company but also for themselves. The idea of personal growth takes one’s motivation and productivity to the next level.
  • A strong culture encourages employees to communicate freely not just with their colleagues but also with the higher executives. This transparency avoids conflicts, promotes better problem solving and builds trust with the employer.
  • There is this beautiful quote. If everyone moves forward together, then success takes care of itself. When the culture takes care of its employees as it does for the company, you feel nothing but success. Success of individuals. Anyway, the success for the company is only a collective success of the employees.
  • At any point in time, you don't want your employees to feel powerless. Working on a new challenge, taking some time for themselves, seeking recognition - All of these should only make them valued at work and not helpless. Having a right culture will only help employees in such situations and encourage them to do the right thing.

Yes, there are a lot of things that drive business. But for you to be a leader, you need two of your greatest assets in place. Employees and a strong, powerful culture. Make sure you set the latter right to give and get the best out of the former.

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