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Top 16 Payroll Software in India

List of Best payroll software in India to manage the payroll seamlessly. Find features, services, pricing, and a comparison table.

Setting up payroll management system in your company?

Here are the best HR payroll software you should consider. This blog has

  • List of 16 top payroll software
  • Features, pricing and suitability for the company size.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is a tool for organising, managing, and automating employee payments. It includes, salaries, reimbursements and tax related processes. A payroll system makes it easy for HRs and finance team to maintain compliance with tax laws and other financial rules.

Benefits of a Payroll management software

  • Automated payslips generation
  • Time tracking
  • Financial management
  • Highly secured
  • Cost efficient
  • Tax filing

16 best payroll software in India

1. sumHR  

2. Razorpay   

3. GreytHR    

4. Keka

5. factoHR   

6. Saral PayPack                                          

7. People Apex    

8. Pocket HRMS    

9. Akrivia HCM

10. HROne  

11. Beehive

12. Wave Payroll 

13. Qandle

14. Zimyo

15. Zoho Payroll

16. 247 HRM

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A foolproof employee retention strategy in 2023 for HR practitioners

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sumHR comes with a 7 day trial. It has flexible plans to suit your every need with tax benefit calculations as well. The software manages your employees’ salaries and also keeps a check on their performance. It can also be used for any loan/advance salary needs of your employees. With F&F Policies, the separation finance calculation between both the parties is hassle-free and uncomplicated.


  • Multi currency
  • Automated Payroll processing
  • Self help service
  • Income Tax Filing (ITR )


  • Startup plan : Free upto 10 employees ; Rs 49 per user/month, billed annually
  • Basic plan : Rs 69 per user/ month, billed annually
  • Advanced plan : Rs 119 per user/ month , billed annually

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisation.

Razorpay Payroll

Razorpay Payroll

Calculate the payroll and automate filings of TDS, PF, ESIC, PT and many more using the Razorpay Payroll software. It also helps you in managing your employees from their onboarding to exit with additional features like offer letter and CTC calculator. The employees can also access their pay slips and manage and make tax declarations using this software. The plan comes with 3 variations namely the pro plan, free plan and other payrolls. They also offer 1 month free trial on their pro plan. In case you wish to make a purchase, you can sign up for the trial and then take your call.

Features :

  • One-click payroll processing
  • Automated statutory compliance
  • Leave management system

Pricing :

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan : Rs 100 per employee/per month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

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With around 20 years of experience, GreytHR provides its customers with easy and hassle-free payroll software. Quick report generation is one of the most sought after features of GreytHR. It is India’s leading cloud-based payroll software which sees all the aspects of payroll and adheres to all statutory compliances. Automated reimbursements, loans and advances are also taken care of by the platform.

Features :

  • Expense management
  • Reimbursement management
  • Taxation management

Pricing :

  • Starter : Free
  • Welter : 1495/ month
  • Super : 2495/ month
  • Cruiser : Rs 4495/ month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations



Keka is one of the leading payroll software used in India. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it is quite user-friendly and employee-centric. It enables access to the data from remote locations as well. It focuses on making the software user-friendly so that it may be widely used by all. Keka claims that it is the “only HR payroll software in the industry that facilitates easy participation of non-finance roles such as HR members in salary operations”. It also allows users to release their payslips digitally or in SMS format too.

Features :

  • Multi user login
  • Payroll management
  • Asset management

Pricing :

  • Foundation : Rs 6999/ 100 employees
  • Strength : Rs 14999 / 100 employees

Suitable for : Medium and Large organisations



factoHR is one of the distinguished HR and Payroll management solutions in India that is helping its customers to automate all the payroll operations. Because of its simplified and intuitive interface, the entire workflow beginning from managing to salary processing is handled effortlessly. This is why factoHR is called a perfect cloud-based payroll solution that is secured and integrable enough to bring more ease in financial controls.

Features :

  • Single click payroll processing
  • Off cycle payroll processing
  • Create multiple payroll groups

Pricing : Available on request

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

Saral PayPack

saral paypack

Saral PayPack is an easy to use software to sort out your employees’ salaries. Its USP is that it provides multi-level access architecture to help navigate your files easily. It captures both personal as well as professional details of your employees. You can also generate forms, and PF accounts through the software quite simply. Moreover, it lets you customize your payroll according to your business size, segment and industry.

Features :

  • Employee management
  • Salary management
  • Statutory compliance
  • Attendance and leave

Pricing :

  • Standard : Rs 46,500/ single user ; Rs 70,800 multi user
  • Corporate : Rs 100,500 / single user ; 123,000 multi user
  • Premium : Available on request

Suitable for : Medium and large organisations



PeopleApex comes with a full attendance system to keep a track of your employees’. Some of the features include its ability to define multiple payrolls according to organizational needs, comprehensive coverage of all applicable tax laws. Since it is a globally used platform, it has country specific bank information for employee pay bank transfer. Employees can themselves fill in their tax information too. Organizations of all sizes, like startups, small to mid-size enterprises and MNCs can make use of this solution.

Features :

  • Leave management
  • Geo tagging
  • Manager portal

Pricing : Available on request

Suitable for : Small , Medium and Large organisations

Pocket HRMS

pocket hrms

Pocket HRMS is the winner of “Best HRMS Software Award” at the 29th Edition of World HRD Congress 2021. It provides a user-friendly software for all your payroll related needs. As it is a cloud-based system, it helps in mobility and can also assist HR in their busy life! It is a one-stop solution for all the expense management, which has a self-service portal for an engaged workforce. The best part is it also comes with a AI enabled chatbot which helps the modern HR.

Features :

  • Multi-company and Multi structured payroll
  • Forms generation
  • Employee self services

Pricing :

  • Standard plan : Rs 1495 / month
  • Professional plan : Rs 2495 / month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

Akrivia HCM

akrivia hcm

Akrivia HCM is a global HR and payroll solution provider that makes payroll processing compliant and efficient. Their flexible Payroll Management System is designed to integrate with existing software and allow companies to build a new generation of workforce management. This multi-country payroll helps companies to automate the payment of employees and keep track of their expenses as well as mitigate the risks of human error by calculating, automating and generating comprehensive reports easier. While this software takes care of all payroll needs, the focus on giving the best employee experience makes it stand out.

Features :

  • Employees loans and advances management
  • Self service management
  • Benefits management

Pricing :

  • Available on request

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations


hr one

HROne touches upon all the complexities of payroll management easily. The process is completed in three simple steps starting from collection and analyzing the data and then finally reporting the same, keeping in mind the statutory compliances. It can be seamlessly integrated across modules like attendance management software, recruitment management software, etc.

Features :

  • Appraisal management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Biometric Attendance Management

Pricing : Available on request

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations



Analyzable employee data with accurate leave, exit, payroll and travel management, Beehive provides its customers with various options for their employees. It covers the entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization. Beehive’s HR modules are equipped with best-in-class configuration wizards which can accommodate almost any HR requirement and provide an end to end solution. Beehive is available to deploy on cloud, on-premises and hybrid models and the access can be defined as per company IT policies.

Features :

  • Recruitment, resignation, and retirement management
  • Time management
  • Compliance management

Pricing : Available on request

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

Wave Payroll


Wave Payroll is an easy to use software, giving small business owners a one-stop solution for all their financial management. With unlimited expense tracking, it helps your accounts department in maintaining records of every employees’ financial transactions. It also has additional features like profit and loss statements or sales tax reports which makes your payroll activities easier.

Features :

  • Benefits management
  • Vacation/leave tracking
  • Self service portal

Pricing :Starts at $20 / month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations



Qandle is one of the most sought out payroll software in India. It makes the complicated payroll processes simpler. Since all processes are automated and have higher levels of accuracy, the app guarantees no errors. Aside from managing payroll, the programme also carefully handles compliance and employee benefits.

Features :

  • Statutory compliance
  • Claims and advances
  • Automated check-ins

Pricing :

  • Foundation : Rs 2450/month upto 50 employees
  • Regular : Rs 3950/month
  • Plus : Rs 4950/month
  • Premium : Rs 6450/ month
  • Enterprise : Available on request

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations



Zimyo Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software for businesses of all kinds that can be used to set up pay schedules, wage structures, payslips, and other features tailored to particular industries. With Zimyo Payroll, all important features may be tracked, including employee loans, leaves, compliance, attendance, and more.

Features :

  • Reimbursement management
  • Compliance
  • Salary computation

Pricing :

  • Basic plan : Rs 60 per user / month
  • Standard plan : Rs 120 per user / month
  • Enterprise : Rs 250 per user/ month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

Zoho payroll

Zoho payroll

Zoho payroll software online streamlines each aspect of the payroll administrations.Everything from centralization to information organisation to payroll scheduling to ensuring statutory compliance to managing personnel records is done.

Features :

  • Direct deposit
  • Multi state
  • Self service portal

Pricing :

  • Free upto 10 employees
  • Premium plan : Rs 50 per employee/ billed annually

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

247 HRM

247 HRM

247 HRM simplifies all of your HR needs, such as payroll management, time tracking, performance evaluation, Additionally, it centralises crucial organisational functions including hiring, onboarding, and taxation.

Features :

  • Employee self-service portal
  • Income tax management system
  • Expense management

Pricing :

  • Seed : Rs 1999/ month
  • Shoot : Rs 2999/month
  • Sapling : Rs 3999/ month
  • Tree : Rs 4999/ month

Suitable for : Small, Medium and Large organisations

Top 16 HR payroll software India comparison

HRMS company Starting Price Free Trail Free plan
sumHR ₹49 per user/month
Razorpay ₹100 per employee/per month
greytHR ₹1495/ month
Keka ₹Rs 6999/ 100 employees
factoHR ₹25 to ₹100 NA NA
Saral Paypack ₹46,500/ single user
People Apex NA NA NA
Pocket HRMS ₹1495 / month
Akirivia HCM ₹1 per Employee/Day NA NA
Wave Payroll ₹$20 / month
Qandle ₹ 2450/month
Zimyo ₹60 per user / month
Zoho ₹50 per employee/ billed annually
247HR ₹1999/ month

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What are the free payroll softwares available?

Some of the free payroll softwares are : 

  • Zoho
  • WebHR
  • Openpro

Best payroll software for small business india

  • Zimyo
  • Zoho
  • Pocket HRMS
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