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Work from home is the 'new normal'

In these unprecedented times, many companies have suffered great losses. With people losing jobs daily, the unemployment rate of the country..

In these unprecedented times, many companies have suffered great losses. With people losing jobs daily, the unemployment rate of the country increased rapidly. While many companies had to let go of their employees, there were some who tried to accommodate the employee needs more mindfully. Creating a good remote work culture would also yield better results in the foreseeable future. Many organizations made the switch to this remote way of working for their employees to have a work-life balance and also to work from the comfort of their homes. Quite a few large organizations made the transitions easy for their staff by taking care of the extra expenses incurred. Because of this abrupt change in the work habits, a lot of companies have made sure that their employees don’t suffer at the hands of COVID-19. Many Indian companies also invested in things like headsets and chairs, for their employees to not be burdened by the sudden shift in remote work culture with added expenses. Moreover, a slight increase in incentives and off-days are also provided to promote mental wellness and improve productivity. Here are 5 such companies listed who made working in Corona times easier.


A large-scale organization like Dell has a flexible work environment for more than 65% of their employees. This ensures negligible stress of commuting and increased time in the hands of its employees. They also gave Notebooks, hardware, monitors and supporting materials with pre-installed software that will be required for the staff to work upon. This hassle-free way of providing employees with everything straight from their own factories is a very economical way to care for the people working for them.


Similarly, OYO has come up with a 4-day work week. Any employee can take a day off after letting their manager know. This ensures that the employees don’t burn themselves out while meeting deadlines. It becomes very important for companies to make sure their employees as well as customers, both are satisfied and happy with their work.


Infosys is another such company which worked towards the betterment of their employees and shifted to remote working conditions. Looking at how the COVID-19 situation increased in the country, Infosys Co-Founder Nandan Nilekani, managed to move around 2 Lakh employees based out of 40 countries to work from home! This not only benefited the employees, but also aided in cost cutting for the company too. The maintenance charges for offices went down by a good margin and traffic commute also declined significantly. While the employees eased into the new ‘normal’, the continuation of this trend is approved by many.


Tech Mahindra is another leading company which hopped onto the ‘Work from Home’ bandwagon. With over 15,000 employees working remotely, Tech Mahindra has enabled easy transfer from in-office to at-home workplaces. This also helped reduce unscheduled absences from the workplaces. The stress of commuting also gets deducted from the same. In addition to that, it also focuses on the freshers being judged and recruited based on their interviews and not discriminated against.


Creating a stress-free workplace, Accenture also moved to work from home. They imposed new rules to unburden their employees in these trying times. Subtle changes like no meetings after 5:30 and visiting offices only when absolutely necessary have made things easier for their staff members. These small changes may not amount to much in the present scenario, but it will definitely work wonders in the long run. Employees are often at the receiving end of changes in government policies and because of COVID-19, they have suffered a lot. Since almost one-third of our life is spent working, it is important to make sure that it doesn’t lead to various other added problems. Taking care of employees is equally important as taking care of the company. These 5 companies have paved the way for small-scale organizations to change their ways according to the changing times.

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