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Why are employers interested in employee engagement? The brutal truth!

Deep dive into the reason why employers and employees are interested in employee engagement.

The general misconception is employee engagement = engagement activities among employees.

But that’s not it. 

Employee engagement in HR is also how much the employees WANT to own things in the company. How much they are driven to work towards the betterment of the company and their career as well. Here’s where culture comes into play. A good work culture keeps employees motivated and engaged every day. 

Why are employers interested in employee engagement?

HRs and employers want to enhance employee engagement for these 4 below reasons. These are vital for a company that wants to grow with their people.

  1. Employee retention
  2. Employee satisfaction
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency
  4. Helps in talent acquisition

Employee retention

Some common reasons why employees leave a company are 

  • Lack of alignment of their role with the company goal
  • Too much workload and no work-life balance
  • No space to grow and learn
  • Not getting a reasonable compensation
  • Lack of challenge
  • Not in a fun work environment

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A lot of the above factors can be dealt with easily in a company that has a robust employee-centric culture. HRs have to ensure employees are taken care of by bringing in policies and perks that allow them to balance life and work. Keeping your employees engaged is keeping them involved. Involve them by understanding their needs. 

Employee satisfaction

Today, employee satisfaction is not just tied to employees’ monthly paychecks. Employees demand clarity about their scope and growth. Appraisals, peers, promotions and more also have an impact on employee satisfaction. HRs play a significant role here by communicating the growth path and keeping employees engaged. Something like this, can't be built spontaneously. It is continuous process for HRs to be invested in their team managers and team managers in their teams to understand everyone individually and offer personalized solutions that satisfy.

Increased productivity and efficiency

When employees feel involved in their organization, they will work towards the betterment of the same. With aligned goals, employees will without a doubt put their best foot forward. This will ultimately enhance their productivity and efficiency. With transparency in the workplace and healthy competition, any organization can thrive and aim to do better. Involvement, alignment and transparency are crucial for fostering employee engagement.

Talent acquisition

According to a study conducted by Mettl Resources, 52% of the companies that participated took 1 to 3 months to find talent. And 54% said that they face difficulty in finding and attracting talent according to business requirements.

It is a known fact that retention of employees means less effort and cost on talent acquisition. However, it is not limited to that. Attracting top talent is a part of talent acquisition where companies tell and showcase to the talent why they should choose their organization, also called employer branding. Apart from working efficiently and staying loyal, engaged employees also help in spreading the word. Today, on social media, employees are brand ambassadors and stand as a testament to why candidates should join the company.

Why employees love employee engagement?

Employees would love to be a part of an organization that values and cares for them. It helps them evolve and be a better thinker. Not to forget the emotional and mental effect the workplace has on employees. 36% of Indian employees suffer from mental health issues according to India Today. Workplaces shouldn’t contribute to it but empathize and even can offer mental health support to employees as an employee benefit.

Here are some other reasons why employees love employee engagement and corporate wellness programs.

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Less stress

Employees will have one less thing to stress about if their company culture is good. If employees know that the company is taking care of their career needs, they will be at ease and can focus on their work without any stress. This also improves work-life balance which is positively associated with mental health.

No mid-week blues

Often towards the middle of the week, employees tend to lose focus. Their productivity gets hampered and they are not motivated enough to keep going. Here’s where employee engagement activities make it easier as employees will have something to look forward to.

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Active involvement

When employees are involved in the decision-making process of their organization, their active involvement would keep them motivated to do better for the company. Active participation in their field will enable them to think positively about their company.

Healthy competition

In a healthy environment, there is often room for healthy competition among peers. In an actively involved or engaged organization, this competition will help the company thrive many fold as each member will do their best, making the company better. 

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