16 fun Friday games and activities for your employees - in office and remote

Fun Friday games and Fun Friday activities to play in office and work from home.

Breaking out of the monotonous cycle of work is important for various reasons. Working continuously without a break could lead to many physical as well as mental health problems. It is crucial to take a break in between, to keep the creative juices flowing and not be stuck in a routine for a longer duration.

Having fun together as a team will also help in getting to know each other better and have less unnecessary awkward moments. A work place where one can have fun, be stress free without compromising on the output will yield higher results as compared to one where there is no fun and only work. It also serves as an employee engagement strategy which boosts your company culture.

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Fun games in office on Fridays

On Fridays, you can break up the workday, let stress out, and get rid of creative blocks by engaging in a few fun Friday games at the office. These Fun Friday activities may help you decompress from work's frequent stress and keep a positive work-life balance.

Mentioned below are 15 such team building activities which would help your employees to relax and have a good time together. These fun Friday activities and games are focused on just having fun with the team and not thinking about work or deadlines for a few hours!

Heads up!

If we have learnt something from the celebrities, it is definitely a game of Heads Up! Pick a category and hold the deck to your forehead, guess the word as your fellow teammates states the clues. Instead of playing it digitally, the participants can have placards with the topics or categories written. This would ensure a 100% participation along with encouraging the people to use the witty and creative side of their brains.

No of players: 2 to 10

Duration: 30 seconds for each word

How to play : Pick a category and hold the deck to your forehead, guess the word as your fellow teammates states the clues.

5 seconds rule!

Just like the name suggests, within 5 seconds a person has to answer the question. These questions can be as fun or as tricky as you wish. The questions can be framed according to categories ranging from personal to professional. The only condition is you have to answer within 5 seconds! Let your brains do the fast thinking and the quick talking.

No of players: No limit

Duration: 5 seconds for each answer

How to play: Employees can be divided into teams. A member from the 1st team picks a member from the 2nd team and asks a question that should be answered in 5 seconds.

Karaoke nights

Who doesn’t love singing to their heart’s content? When done in front of their colleagues, it’ll become 10x more interesting and embarrassing. This simple singing game will enable your co-workers to get more comfortable with each other and help break the ice. Sing your favorite songs and make it a day/night to remember.

No of players: No limit

Duration: One song or free to choose a time limit

How to play: Can be played at karoake places where everything is set up. You can also do it by playing the song's karoke version and employees singing.

Don’t smile

A really easy and fun activity, it can also be helpful for the new joiners to relax from the pressure from their new job. Even though the game says don’t smile, this will be great fun Friday activity to make everyone laugh and blow of steam.

No of players: No limit

How to play: Gather your team and make them sit in a circle. Once the time starts, they should begin to stare at their colleagues without smiling. The last person to refrain from smiling is the winner.

Dress up Diana!

Remember those fancy dress competitions in our schools? How our mothers used to dress us up for the day as national figures or sometimes as a tree! Take that competition to your work place and have everyone dress up on a theme. Be it a Halloween dress up party or maybe a FRIENDS themed party!? You can take it up a notch by also decorating the surroundings and have a theme-based table as well.

No of players: No limit

How to play: Inform the the theme to the teams and just wait for the fun

Egg drop

One of the many team building games that makes you use each and every part of your brain which you didn’t know even existed! You can customize the game according to your workplace by adding levels to it. The range of the fall can be as low as a chair or as high as a storey, it is for you to decide. This game will build team spirit and inculcate problem-solving skills simultaneously.

No of players: 3 to 5 per group

How to play: . The participants are divided into a number of groups. The goal is to construct a three-dimensional structure that will prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from a height of several metres.

Movie screening

What better way to spend some quality time with your team than by watching a movie together. Add to that some popcorn, soft drinks, take-aways and you are all set to have a movie night or evening. Movies themselves provide a range of entertainment from action, thrillers to rom-coms and sit-coms. Enjoy a light evening with your colleagues and forget those deadlines for a couple of hours!

Three truths and a lie

This game has aged like fine wine. This good old game can be played in a group or within a small circle as well, with each person saying four statements. These will consist of three truths and one lie. The rest of the party has to guess which one is the lie amongst the four. This game is the best icebreaker and team building exercise.

No of players: No limit

How to play: Each player has to say out loud three truths and a lie about themselves without saying which is the truth/lie and the others have to find out.


Good conversations happen over a cup of coffee, similarly, great conversations happen over a plate full of delicious food! Another great way to initiate conversation among peers is by having a potluck, wherein, everybody will bring their favorite food and have a gala time with a full table. This is a good way to celebrate any and every big or small achievement made by the institution.

Guess the song

This modernized Antakshari version is perfect for having a chill weekend party with your team members. The people can be divided into two groups and have the rest guess the songs from their tunes. All the Bollywood geeks would love to flaunt their knowledge from the 80s and 90s!

Chinese whispers

This age-old game from our school times is perfect to giggle away our worries! Be it a phrase or a 15-20 letter word, anything and everything can be passed down from a row of participants and the end result, a lot of laughter! This is a great fun friday game will make sure it has the participants and the on-lookers laughing till their stomachs hurt.

Duration: 1 minute per person

How to play: Gather your team and make them sit/stand in a line. The first person picks his/her phrase of choice and whispers it to the second person in line. The step continues until the phrase is received by the last person who says it out loud.

Fun activities while working from home

But since we’re all stuck at our homes because of the pandemic, it will be a mistake to not include a few games that can be played virtually. Following are 5 fun Friday games online to enjoy with your employees at the comfort of your homes.

  1. Virtual Bingo
  2. Pictionary
  3. Charades
  4. Playing Cards
  5. Never Have I Ever

Virtual bingo

Since literally everything has come online now, why not a-game-as-old-as-time? Bingo is a sure shot way to keep your staff engaged during a Zoom call! Virtual Bingo is something which can be played by groups of people together and what does the winner get? A pizza party, a Zomato delivery from their favorite restaurant? Be Creative!

No of players: Minimum of 3 players

How to play: Choose bingo cards from the different categories or make your own customised theme. Select the number of cards each player gets and send them out by creating a link. Finally start calling out numbers one by one and the first to fully strike out either a row or column calls out BIngo.


Surprise your employees with your good or not-so-god artwork and let them guess what it is that you’re drawing. This game will definitely unwind the brains and help your employees interact with each other better.

No of players: Minimum of 2 

How to play: Divide into teams. Pick a random word and select a player to draw the same for his team mates to find out within a specific decided time.The team that answers the most correctly wins.


As if embarrassing yourselves with your melodious singing in Karaoke and beautiful drawings in Pictionary wasn’t enough, play Charades to also showcase your inner actor! Let it be any movie from your generation or one generation above, the only aim is to enjoy at the comforts of our homes.

No of players: 6 and more

How to play: Divide into groups. Each player from the teams take turns to act out the chosen word/phrase for their team to guess.

Playing cards

Bored of playing Solitaire and online Rummy? Play card games with your colleagues and/or employees. Playing Cards have many options to choose from. You can create a room while on a Zoom call and have fun at your ‘new workplace’.

Never have I ever

Since we’re talking about games which can be played from the comforts of our homes, this game cannot be left out. Pick a glass of any drink and spill some secrets in front of your employees. Let the quirkiness begin with this fun game which we’re sure will end up in getting to know more about your employees and staff.

These fun activities might seem a lot but at the end of the day, these will pose as a great ice-breaker. This added luxury of conducting fun Friday activities for the employees will definitely provide a weekly or bi-weekly relief to the employees from their regular jobs. This can be a great way to spark remote team engagement and also paves way for your team to engage with each other. It further will enhance the productivity of the people.

Having a fun workplace with good food and wine? Everybody’s in!

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