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“Our goal is to ensure that all Indian lives get insured at the earliest” I joined Pazcare in August this year and it already feels almost...

“Our goal is to ensure that all Indian lives get insured at the earliest”

I joined Pazcare in August this year and it already feels almost like a quarter has gone by - so many things moving at a lightning-fast pace from hiring to product development and launching our app.During this brief stint, as a team, we made sure that we set expectations for everyone and braced it with respective metrics,  identified roadblocks in operations, and streamlined the entire business process. Thanks to the team, I am becoming more energetic and thrilled and looking forward to more such quarters.

I am Sathya,

Right from childhood, I used to be good with computers, thanks to my dad who placed his bets on the IT industry way back in the '80s. He put me to computer classes though we were financially not well placed and encouraged me to take up a lot of projects around the same. He always believed in using systems to simplify monotonous manual tasks and activities.He had a lot of friends and was very jovial in general. I picked up this attribute and it still helps me in a lot of ways while handling teams and winning people. I took up engineering in college, and it was the early 2000’s, the time when the entire IT sector was booming. After passing out, for the next 3 - 5 years I worked at a couple of companies (one in product space and the other IT services space - Aztecsoft/Mindtree) before joining Yahoo. I was there at Yahoo for almost 8 years, dabbling around Engineering and Product roles along with being a Security and Accessibility evangelist. Post Yahoo in the next set of roles,  I built teams (from 7 engineers to 80+), heading QE & Tech support, while also being the management POC for security handles and Sox Audits compliance.I then became a consultant for a brief while and that’s when I met Manish. Loved the idea and his vision - I soon got onboarded as a mentor and started to take more interest in the product and what they were solving.

Why Insurtech?

I had two big instances in life that could easily have been taken care of if there was a Pazcare back then. One, when I was doing my 12th grade my dad suddenly fell sick. Panic struck the house as he was the only breadwinner in the family. My mom and I tried to stay calm and arrange for as many resources as possible, but we could not. Luckily nothing untoward happened, things ironed out, dad recovered, but the pain and panic that we were put through were unimaginable. “I basically believe people should be insured. It relieves a lot of financial stress during trying times"Another one happened in 2019 when my mother fell sick and was hospitalized in a serious condition. This time I did have a company GPA insurance cover - but I never had a  physical card or a digital soft copy. I was also not sure about the cashless insurance policies/processes, and what inclusions and exclusions were present. I had to make endless phone calls until things got resolved.Though all people in the chain wanted to help, getting the process-related information at that instant was difficult. If only I had all the related insurance info available, I need not have gone through the mental tension at that particular time.“No point in being insured if one does not have their insurance details at the time of need”Pazcare aims to solve this by productizing the insurance-related information, processes and claims, making it easily accessible for the common public.

Bets on how Pazcare will solve Insurtech

Insurance is a big potential market and no player has been able to craft a feasible solution. So we at Pazcare are doing our best to do whatever it takes to help people educate, engage and use insurance in the right way.On the team - Manish and Sanchit have been onboarding smart and empathetic minds since day 1.  And I definitely believe that we have built a killer team to solve the insurance problem in India.As we are solving the insurance problem, we want to simultaneously delve into the employee benefits scene and explore areas of improvement. That’s because today’s workforce expects a lot of other things on top of their regular compensation and we feel we could help companies in engaging and retaining talent too.  Currently, Pazcare is more of a B2B product, but we would want to essay into the B2C market and ensure we insure as many lives as possible in the near future.

My Personal Note

While it is all about building SMART products, I would also want to build a product with a HEART. Service-minded features for the not-so-well-to-do segment so that they stay covered in times of need - as this pandemic has rightly taught us. If you ask what my end goal is - It is to build a product that tries and touches and makes a difference in as many lives as possible.And as this line goes - But I have promises to keep,And miles to go before I sleep,And miles to go before I sleep

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