Restricted holidays

Restricted holidays

Restricted holiday meaning

"Restricted holidays" refer to a list of holidays that are recognized by an organization but are not given as holidays for all employees. Employees can choose to take the restricted holidays (limited) based on their personal, cultural, or religious preferences

Restricted holidays are also called as floater holidays or optional holidays.

How restricted or floater holidays work?

A company at the start of the year will release the list of mandatory/public holidays and restricted holidays. The company will also tell how many restricted holidays an employee can take. 

For example, a company can give 10 public holidays and 3 restricted holidays in a list for the year. Every employee can avail 1 restricted holiday annually. 

In this case, an employee will get 10 mandatory holidays + 1 restricted holiday which they can choose from the list of 3 restricted holidays.

Restricted holidays 2023

Here is the list of restricted holidays central government of India gives. You can choose the holidays and add it to the restricted holiday list.

Types of holidays in private companies

1. Mandatory holidays (National, festival and regional holidays)

2. Restricted holidays (Festival and regional holidays)

3. Weekend holidays (Saturdays and Sundays)

Difference between restricted holiday and mandatory holiday

Criteria Restricted Holiday Mandatory Holiday
Definition Optional holidays from which employees can choose a limited number based on personal preferences. Holidays that are universally observed and are typically non-working days for all.
Flexibility Employees have a choice on whether to take them off or not. No choice; these holidays are typically non-working days for everyone. When worked on these days, some companies offer compensatory off.
Purpose To accommodate diverse religious, cultural, or personal observances. Recognize universally important events, observances, or statutory requirements.
Example Eid can be a restricted holiday. Typically, Muslims (or anyone) who observe Eid can take the day off. New Year's Day, Independence Day, or other national observances.

How many restricted holidays can be taken in a year?

It is up to the company to decide. Some companies don’t give any restricted holidays. Generally, private companies give anywhere between 1 to 4 restricted holidays.

Can you encash restricted holidays? 

It is based on the company’s leave policy. Commonly, restricted holidays are not applicable for encashment. Casual and sick leaves are considered for encashment.

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