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We help you to design mental wellness programs for your employees.

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Why should employers focus on the mental wellness of their employees?

Mental wellbeing of employees is a widely discussed topic in corporate circles and HR meetings for some time. COVID-19 has pushed the company decision-makers to bring about a paradigm shift in employee relations.

In a recent 7th Fold study, more than one-third of India’s employee workforce reported that their mental health has worsened since the COVID 19 pandemic. Majority of the employees shared symptoms of stress and anxiety because of burnout, tight work deadlines, and
family’s well-being.

As an employer, you should focus on employee mental wellness and mindfulness because:

Therefore, the need of the hour is to connect to the human side of your workforce. As employers, you can ensure the mental wellbeing of your employees in multiple ways.


How can employers help with the mental wellness of their employees?

You can start with employee friendly policies and offer more flexibility at work. Encourage regular employee wellness check-ins via health managers or wellness coaches. Also, give your employees easy access to counselors and therapists

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Compiled from a survey of more than 120 responses, we have uncovered how employess and being taken care by their employers.

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Access to Therapists - InnerHour App

You can hire in-house mental wellbeing practitioners or you can signup with Paz Care so your employees have access to the country’sbest therapists on-the-go using the InnerHour App. We understandthat working for long hours can impact your employees’ physical aswell as mental health. Employees can now get in touch with a therapist in just a click!

Meditation Sessions for Employees

Meditation is ​proven​ to improve employee productivity, enhancecreativity and problem-solving skills, and reduce stress. You canorganise regular meditation sessions for your employees. Paz Carecan help to schedule a session with highly skilled meditation teachersas per their convenience.

Self-Help Tools for Employee Well-being

Work from home or from the office means longer sitting hours, and notalways on the right piece of furniture. Add to this the work stress. Noteveryone can cope with this. Paz Care helps employees to sign up foronline tools and programs, and use the right self-help apps that theycan access anytime, anywhere.