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5 Ways To Improve Mental Health At Workplace

Depression and anxiety are not taboo topics anymore. They are real problems encountered especially by the working class. The current...

Depression and anxiety are not taboo topics anymore. They are real problems encountered especially by the working class. The current work-from-home situation in between a pandemic situation has just added oil to the fire. It is hard to identify someone who is going through a mental health problem. Unlike a fracture or a fever, depression, anxiety, and stress are not visible. Hence it is necessary for the organizations to understand how the mental health of employees gets affected and why it is important to take care of the team.If the mental health of employees is affected, the work is affected too. Hence, workplace mental wellness programs are really important to improve the mental health of employees.

Why Is Mental Health At Workplace Important?

A survey conducted by Paz Care on the state of employee benefits and healthcare in India revealed that only 50% of the Indian companies provide health insurance as an employee benefit. Nearly 40% of organizations do not have an active wellness program for employees. Out of this only, 8% of the organizations are willing to implement wellness programs in the future. The above statistics show that mental health at work is not given a priority like physical health. It is necessary to understand that mental health can affect physical health too. Stress, anxiety and mental health problems can affect the work and productivity of the employees. So it is important to support the mental wellbeing of the employees.

5 Ways to Improve Mental Health In Your Workplace

Conduct employee mental health survey

First and foremost understand the state of mental health of your employees. For this, you have to conduct an employee mental health survey, where you reach out to them and understand if they are undergoing stress or anxiety. Some of the employee mental health survey questions can be directed to the project they are working on, where questions like ‘are you facing any blockers in the project, where can the organization help you’ etc can be asked to understand the situation better.

Talking about mental health

Do not treat mental illness as a taboo, break the stigma around it. Talk to your employees about any personal experience that you had, share about the articles you read or any shows that you watched around this. These will make your employees realize that they are not alone.It is of utmost importance to keep the conversation around it going. Talking about mental health at the workplace should not be a one-time thing. Organizations must try to find multiple opportunities to incorporate the importance of mental health to their employees.

Be ready to help

Pay attention to your employees. If you notice your employee being unusual do not hesitate to ask them. Encourage them to take a day off if they are mentally exhausted. Be ready to help them and support them.

Design a workplace wellness program

Provide employee wellness programs as part of your employee benefits program. Design a wellness program for your employees and implement it in your workplace at regular intervals. This can be carried out by adding therapy sessions, meditation sessions, etc. Designing a mentally healthy workplace can have a good impact on employee productivity, employee engagement which benefits the organization greatly.

Make time for having fun

While connecting with your employees over calls or chats, make sure to include some fun and humor. This can build trust and increase the productivity of your employees. It can relieve stress and create a positive emotional response. This can relax your employees and create a positive workspace.

Support Your Employees

Creating a mentally healthy workplace shows that you care and support your employees. Poor mental health and stress can negatively impact work and performance. Successful companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft approach the mental health of employees seriously by introducing various employee mental wellness programs. Such wellness programs for employees can cut down stress and build a mentally healthy workplace.Do you have dedicated wellness programs for your employees? If no, design mental wellness programs for your employees. Contact us to know more.

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