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Cover Your Workforce With Employee Benefits Insurance

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The biggest fortune one can have in the current scenario is good health. Life is uncertain, so is our health. The cost of healthcare is continuously rising year on year. Hence, preparing us against the unforeseen circumstances is the key. This is where a health insurance plan can benefit us greatly. Hence, health insurance policy is a strong financial security one can have in the present pandemic situation.

What is employee benefits insurance?

The employees are the greatest asset of any organization. Hence, it's essential to provide them with a greater employee benefit. This is where the employee benefits insurance comes into play.

Employee benefits insurance or employee health insurance is an employee benefit extended by the employer to the employee. Most organizations extend the employee insurance benefits to the dependent family members of the employees too.

The company takes care of the health insurance premiums either fully or partly. After this the health insurance provider issues them with health cards. Employees can use this card to use their employee health insurance policies.

Take a look at our group health insurance guide to know more about employer employee insurance, its benefits and importance.

Why is employee health insurance important?

Covering your employees with employee health insurance also known as group health insurance is a step towards employee wellbeing. It shows you care not only for their work but also their health too. It is one of the most useful employee benefits that the employer can provide.

As part of the post lockdown covid-19 operating guidelines, the IRDAI has made it mandatory for the employers to cover their employees with proper group medical insurance. In fact it is one of the most important employee benefits in India.

Hence, we can say that providing an employer employee insurance no longer becomes a privilege but a basic requirement.

What are the benefits of employee insurance?

The employee insurance benefits both the employees and the employers.

For the employers

  • Tax benefits of group health insurance can be availed if the employer pays the premium against it. In most cases the organization pays the group health insurance premiums.
  • When the organization provides the employee health insurance as an employee benefit, it helps the company to retain top talents in the company. This happens as employees now value benefits at the workplace more than the regular wages.
  • The employee engagement increases thereby increasing productivity when the organization provides group health insurance for employees.

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For the employees

  • The employee health insurance benefits an employee during the times of medical emergency. It can free the employees from financial strains during the times of need.
  • Further benefits for the employees are coverage of room rent and hospitalization expenses during hospitalization up to the sum insured.
  • Also, the employees can make use of the medical check-ups, domiciliary hospitalization, etc. that come along with the employee health insurance policies.
  • Another major advantage of employee health insurance are coverage of pre-existing diseases, waiting period waivers and health insurance claim settlement.

Inclusion of family in employee insurance

The organization covers health insurance for employees under the employee insurance. Most companies cover the employees, their spouses, children and parents in the policy. This is one of the greatest advantages one can gain in employee benefits insurance.

The parents are at risk of acquiring diseases. Hence, some companies cover them at an additional premium. As they have a risk of frequent hospitalization and the healthcare costs are rising, it is always a good idea to add them to the group insurance policy.

Further, there are plenty of advantages like

  • No medical checkup required

When one opts for an individual health insurance policy or a family health insurance policy, one has to undergo a pre-medical screening. This is done in order to screen the policyholders for pre-existing conditions, such that the insurer can take appropriate decisions during times of need.

  • Coverage of pre-existing diseases

Under an employee health insurance policy the pre-existing diseases are covered from day one. This extends to the employee, spouse, children and parents. This is quite the opposite in individual and family health insurance plans.

  • Super top-up feature

Usually the employee benefits insurance has a sum insured of 5 lakhs or less. Sometimes this is not sufficient under unforeseen circumstances. Hence, an employee can pay an additional premium and purchase the super top-up feature. Under this the sum insured increases from the already existing limit.

The health insurance premium is calculated based on the coverage and other benefits opted. Hence, the premium to be paid when you

Provide employee healthcare benefits and employee insurance with Pazcare

The medical expenses are constantly increasing. Providing group health insurance is no longer an additional benefit but a basic necessity. Provide your employees with tailor-made group medical insurance policy. Not only that you can provide them corporate wellness programs like unlimited doctor consultations, therapy sessions, regular health check-ups, healthcare workshops and webinars, and many more at discounted prices. To know more about wellness programs, its benefits and finding out ways to design them, check out our corporate wellness programs guide. Furthermore, step up your employee healthcare benefits by offering group accidental insurance policy and group life insurance.

Have a question? Talk to our sales team and get started with your employee healthcare benefits journey.

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