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What is an Employee Wellness Program? (5 Examples That Have Worked Wonders)

We’ve all heard of the term ‘Employee Wellness Program’ several times, but have we ever wondered to know what it is or what it does?...

We’ve all heard of the term ‘Employee Wellness Program’ several times, but have we ever wondered to know what it is or what it does? And why is everyone talking about it nowadays? An employee wellness program is a set of activities that range from physical to mental fitness.The concept of corporate wellness isn’t just restricted to health insurances and flexible leave systems anymore. There are creative ways of cultivating healthy and lovable work environments. After all, it’s all about making the wellness program a part of the office culture.  

What’s the purpose of an Employee Wellness Program?

The main aim is to improve the overall health of the employee and at the same time reduce the cost that falls to the employer. A wellness program might seem like a pricey endeavour at first, but it doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pocket at all. One of the best things about implementing an employee wellness program is, they can be customised according to your needs, actually according to your employee’s needs. Studies have shown that 80% of heart diseases can be prevented by providing a stress-free work environment. So, right from health check-ups to providing herbal tea to your staff, the stress-relieving activities can be as small as you want. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy extra love and care from their bosses, right? Apart from cost management, there are other multiple benefits of implementing a wellness program at an organisation. Let’s explore them all!  

Benefits of Wellness Programs

A creative, well-designed wellness initiative can offer unimagined pros to the organisation in the long run. It’s the most thoughtful way to invest in your employees without being cliché about the whole process. Plus, it attracts younger talent! And if you haven’t noticed a well-planned wellness program also:

  • Increases employee engagement
  • Boosts productivity
  • Accentuates your business profits
  • Reduces healthcare costs

5 Times Companies Outdid Themselves with Employee Wellness

Considering the time an employee spends at work, all workplaces should foster a healthy setup. Let’s look at some of the most inspiring ones.

Wellness Challenges at Rise

Many workplaces offer fitness challenges, and Rise has executed this concept rather beautifully. They’ve designed a wellness task that allows the employees to engage in workouts of their choosing and stay hydrated at work. The platform makes sure that the activities are monitored, and at the month’s end, the best performing team stands a chance to win a fitness-related reward.

What makes this wellness program worth it?

The monthly fitness challenge has helped Rise to create an engaging environment that equates the benefits of staying fit with staying relevant. This has boosted the organisational health with higher activity, better efficiencies and happier employees for its clients like Visa and Stripe.

Employee Assistance Programs by Accenture

Wellness isn’t restricted to the body; it also means taking care of the mind. Accenture makes sure they provide the right support for all kinds of needs. Hence, their wellness program offers resolution for issues like stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. The company also acknowledges any stress outside the workplace and provides financial assistance to cope with the same. A rewarding system for fitness goals keeps everyone on their toes.

What makes this wellness program worth it?

This out-of-the-box program strengthens the bond between the company and its people. It has increased employee satisfaction drastically with Accenture offering these services even outside the professional space. Through these kinds of initiatives, organisations support their people when they need it the most.

Naps by Facebook

Now, this one might sound odd, but creative organisations like Facebook realise the need for good sleep. A well-slept employee makes better decisions than a grouchy one. That’s why it has a specialised Nap Room for its personnel, where they can catch up on their afternoon rest. The idea is to encourage creativity by giving them a chance to restore their energy levels.

What makes this wellness program worth it?

Although providing sleeping pods doesn’t really fit into the idea of a wellness program, studies have shown, ‘Naps’ have influenced better productivity levels. We’ve all had those lazy, sleepy moments after lunch, and Facebook has gone a step ahead to provide an employee-centric solution. Many might not resonate with this idea, but Facebook uses this practice to let their employees recharge their way. Maybe just a walk after lunch would work better in your case, if not dozing off!

Paramedical Services by Google

Google definitely takes things onto another level. If the idea of letting your employee doze off in the office doesn’t appeal to you, then how about giving them massage therapy? Yes, Google provides paramedical services to their staff while they are at work. The tech giant makes sure it hires the best massage therapists by conducting exclusive interviews for them.

What makes this wellness program worth it?

Well, I need not say anything about Google being the best workplace. Everybody knows that already. Going beyond the ordinary seems like Google’s penchant, doesn’t it? And that’s why the company believes in providing a workplace where no employee has a dull day. This builds a name for the brand, making them the ones that go the extra mile.  

On-site fitness centres by Chesapeake Energy

Considered to be the king of workplace privileges, Chesapeake Energy has exceptionally stolen the crown with this one. After all, not every workplace can have a 72,000 sq. ft. fitness centre for their employees. It also offers an Olympic sized swimming pool, access to personalised trainers and a rock-climbing wall. (Talk about having it all!)

What makes this wellness program worth it?

The ‘Live Well’ wellness program includes a cash incentive to the dedicated team members who actively participate and achieve their fitness goals. Chesapeake Energy intuitively cares for its employees and motivates them with such exciting incentives. This has encouraged many employees to stay healthy at the workplace, building an unprecedented level of company loyalty.

Summing it up!

No matter the challenges you face with your employees, implementing a well-structured employee wellness program is always a good call. Help your employees with more than just reimbursements. Support them in being mentally and physically fit, and the results will always be strikingly overwhelming.

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