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Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance - Restoring the Sum Insured

Restoration benefit in health insurance - Importance, types and points to note before you restore benefits in health insurance.

FAQs on restoration benefits in health insurance

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What is the restoration benefit?

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The restoration benefit helps in restoring the sum insured upon partial or complete exhaustion.

What is the unlimited restore benefit?

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Unlimited Restore, instantly adds 100% of your Basic Sum Insured when you've used up your insurance due to claims during the policy year, whether it's fully or partially exhausted. It's like a backup that refills your insurance whenever you need it.

What is the difference between recharge and restoration in health insurance?

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Restoration benefit is like a backup plan that refills your sum insured in health insurance if it runs out completely or partly. Recharge benefit, however, only refills your sum insured in health insurance if you've used some due to a claim, without worrying about whether it's all gone or just a bit. So, restoration covers both situations, while recharge only tops up after a claim.

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