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Top 10 Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Application Tracking System or ATS are a productive answer to deal with all enrollment needs, for all employing measures. It empowers...

Applicant Tracking System or ATS are a productive answer for dealing with all enrollment needs, filling in as an information bank for all employing measures. As the name recommends, ATS empowers computerized candidate following and can store and handle immense volumes of information.

With provisions, for example, talk with planning, evaluation age, and correlation, message appropriation, all-inclusive hunt, and redid import and fare of information, candidate global positioning frameworks help in screening, shortlisting, and speaking with up-and-comers. ATS choices are accessible for organizations in all cases, be it for big business, moderate size, or private company necessities. Besides, in view of explicit business needs, associations can likewise pick different configurations of organizations.

To put it in a pop culture manner, we can say – ATS would have helped Rachel to hire Hilda instead of Tag, although we all know the real reason. And instead of going through all the interviews and video interviews –  Jim, Toby and Gabe could have selected better than Robert California who without ATS selected Andy Bernard-the nard dog! And they all lived in chaos until Dwight came along as Regional Manager.

Application tracking software


Oracle Taleo is cloud-based programming that gives answers for ability securing, improvement, and maintenance. With start to finish robotization of selecting measures, it very well may be adjusted to suit the requirements of any business

Best Elements:

  • Simple enlistment showcasing
  • Expanded representative references with the utilization of web-based media devices
  • Whenever anyplace information access
  • Consistent joining with Microsoft Outlook, MyYahoo, and iGoogle


Bullhorn  is principally an enlistment programming instrument that is cloud-based and most appropriate for staffing and enrollment measures. Being dynamic, Bullhorn ATS permits quick information passage after any applicant association, anyplace.

Best Features:

  • Simple access and the executives of competitor information
  • Permits the expansion of notes to records
  • Simply following of all email connections with a particular competitor
  • Continuous refreshing of records
  • Suitable revealing and the executives’ alternatives for the enlisting group’s advancement
  • In-framework admittance to LinkedIn records


IBM Kenexa BrassRing is a cloud-put together ATS arrangement that attracts with respect to conduct advertising to draw in and draw inability proactively. The product gives plenty of enrollment highlights start to finish measure the executives.

Best Features:

  • Admittance to a wide scope of ability pools
  • Connecting with and compelling appraisals
  • Fueled by IBM Watson investigation and would thus be able to track down the best-fit rapidly
  • Advanced for web-based media-based enrolling


Applicant centred and Cloud-based, Jobvite  ATS empowers social enrolling, the creation and the executives of portable streamlined vocation locales, and onboarding capacities. They additionally have a versatile application for the apparatus. The product gives explicit elements to meetings, demands, and worker references. This arrangement is most appropriate for medium and huge size organizations.

Best Features:

  • Simple representative references
  • Programmed screening and meeting based up-and-comer positioning
  • Dynamic application measures for applicants
  • Keen Scheduler highlight, which takes a gander at the timetables for a considerable length of time and picks the best ideal opportunity to plan another meeting
  • A single record kept up for all discussions with a particular competitor across channels
  • Incredible quest apparatus to search for applicants by name, watchwords, work process, area, or date of use


SmartRecruiters is generally proper for big business grade needs. The Talent Acquisition Suite accompanies pre-incorporated evaluation devices and permits better correspondence by means of planned warnings and auto-answers. Estimating: The SmartStart bundle is accessible for nothing and can be utilized for up to 10 recruits. The SmartRecruit plan permits the combination of future additional items for a developing representative base or on the other hand if the association anticipates going versatile with their application following for instance.

Best Elements:

  • Simple correspondence and joint effort, inside the employing group
  • Simple to follow message records
  • Consistency and consistent with the production of a layout library
  • Customized labels to oversee and facilitate ability pools better
  • Progressed channel search


iCIMS Recruit, with a time of involvement to back them up, offers answers for associations of various sizes obliging different enterprises. Within excess of 4,000 customers, including about 20% of the Fortune 100, the stage is involved in its Recruitment Marketing Suite, Advanced Communications Suite, Hiring Suite, and UNIFi – iCIMS’ environment by incorporating accomplice items and administrations.

Best Elements:

  • The executives of occupation promotions
  • Better pursuits through a joint effort with Google and web-based media
  • Customized dashboards with constant experiences
  • Constant screening and evaluation results


Greenhouse, other than giving candidate following, additionally offers a comprehensive HR organization to make centred meetings and a culture that is liberated from predisposition. This product framework can be adjusted for any group estimate and can be gotten to by means of the portable application too.

Best Elements:

  • Simply following the assistance of applicant scorecards
  • The making of redid appraisal plans for questionnaires to assess the right range of abilities and capabilities
  • Customization of vocation pages, worksheets, and email formats
  • Worked on the setup of reports


BambooHR gives arrangements ideal for small and moderate size organizations. With a portable application to empower simple access, it offers instruments for onboarding, virtual endorsements, participation following, and execution of the board.

Best Elements:

  • Easy to understand and simple to learn
  • Smoothed out measures for the possibility to follow and simple onboarding
  • Adaptable email layouts and message booking to numerous applicants
  • Coordination with worksheets and online media.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors gives a thorough, cloud-based HR the board structure from sourcing, screening, and onboarding to back the leaders, agent responsibility, and execution estimations. Particularly selecting programming empowers all cycles of the enlisting cycle.

Best Elements:

  • Halfway oversaw worldwide occupation appropriation and access
  • Knowledge into 4,000 occupation sheets, online media gateways, and grounds from 80 nations across the globe
  • Formation of a responsive vocation site
  • Compelling up-and-comer relationship the executives
  • Online proposition letter and virtual endorsement arrangements


Workable is an all-encompassing selecting apparatus that can be gotten to on the work area and is portable. This framework gives simple single-direct access to applicant profiles, group correspondences, talk with timetables, and scorecards.

Best Elements:

  • Information security with access rights for the employing group
  • Simple detailing lines with job task, work creation, and posting
  • The capacity to control secrecy
  • Efficiency and action reports are consistently created for the employing group
  • Posting on numerous worksheets with a solitary snap
  • Simple booking with email-schedule synchronization


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