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Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Businesses are easier to run when the employee engagement rates are high. Employee engagement is a key factor that indicates the work...

Businesses are easier to run when the employee engagement rates are high. Employee engagement is a key factor that indicates the work satisfaction of employees. Gone are the days when employee engagement was all about working 9 to 5. Now, the employees are involved and committed to their work and are passionate about their organization. Hence, employee engagement becomes a very important tool to determine the success of an organization.

What is Employee engagement?

The concept of employee engagement starts from each employee working for his/her organization. Any task carried out by individuals with lots of passion and enthusiasm makes it more purposeful and engaging. Forging this as the anchor, employee engagement definition states itself as the level of commitment and passion an employee feels towards his/her organization and employer. Higher employee engagement will ensure there is an increase in the productivity rate of the organization. However, employee engagement is not only about increasing productivity, organizing events and games. It is much more than that. Employee engagement accelerates performance.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

There can be several benefits of employee engagement, this can go from making informed decisions to creating big profits for the company

  • An engaged workforce knows their roles and responsibilities. They understand the organization very well, its purpose and where and how they fit in. This level of understanding leads to better decision making, thereby outperforming their competitors.
  • Only with employee engagement comes growth and innovation. An engaged employee knows very well about overcoming setbacks and driving value from each decision they make.
  • With high employee engagement comes low employee turnover, improving employee retention thereby reducing hiring costs.
  • Employees who are very much engaged in their workplace will have a high productivity rate by which revenue of the organization can be increased.

Significance of Employee Engagement

With high employee engagement comes high quality of work produced as employees are most likely to invest in their work. Highly engaged employees do their work in the best way possible everyday indicating that significance of employee engagement has gone higher than expected as employees stay with those organizations that consider employee engagement seriously. According to Harvard Business Review, benefits of employee engagement can be versatile. Like,

  • The success rate of a highly engaged organization is almost twice as much as a poorly engaged organization.
  • Employee engagement can also improve the quality of work and health, reducing absenteeism.

How to measure Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement matters. Conducting employee engagement surveys can determine performance, competency and performance. To understand whether an employee is engaged or not, short surveys with a few questions can be highly beneficial. However, one cannot know more about the reasons why the employees are engaged. Due to this lack of detail we cannot build more meaningful engagement activities, training programs or employee engagement strategies. It is always important to conduct the survey at the right time to understand employee engagement as one can understand very clearly how engaged the employees are. Also make sure to communicate the reasons for the survey, communicate the results and take appropriate actions according to the results generated.

Employee Engagement Health and Wellness

Employee wellness programs and employee engagement are interlinked. When employees don’t feel good mentally or physically it is impossible for them to stay engaged at work. As they are distracted with their problems, they cannot stay attentive to their work. Hence employee wellness and employee engagement go hand in hand. All three areas of employee wellness like physical, mental and financial wellness determine the rate of employee engagement.

Employee wellness and engagement

Source: Quantum workplace

Introducing wellness programs for employees can impact the organization and the productivity rates of employees drastically. It can not only keep your employees healthy and happy but also increase the employee engagement rate and make your organization successful.

How to Improve Employee Engagement

It is important to create an environment where employees feel responsible for their organization and be naturally involved in the work they do. To gain high doses of involvement, commitment and motivation from the employees it is important to build effective communication with them. Communication is also the key to set expectations and prioritize tasks and plan efficiently. Hence, with better communication comes improved employee engagement, which is the key to building successful companies. Do you wish to create efficient employee wellness programs for your organization? At Pazcare we offer group health insurance for employees and provide workplace wellness programs for your employees. Contact us to know more about this.

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