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5 ways to help your team maintain a healthy work-life balance

A long time back (Not so long, a couple of years back), things were different. You leave the house in the morning for work, you return in...

A long time back (Not so long, a couple of years back), things were different. You leave the house in the morning for work, you return in the evening or sometimes in the night. You don’t often think about work when you are back home.There always used to be a dividing line between your work life and your personal life.Covid hit and things changed. It has flipped the world upside down. Work from home has become the new normal. The dividing line between work and personal life became thin and thin and now almost invisible. Our lives revolve around calls and you spend most of your time in front of the laptops.Is this sustainable? Don’t you feel a high necessity to change this? Make it better for employees? If you are on the same page, this blog will help you pull that off like a pro.

Flexible working hours

The state of things have literally changed from nah! I don’t do office work at home to actually work from home. Work from home has its own set of pros and cons. People are trying to work from different environments and what really matters is being able to do things comfortably. The pandemic has hit all of us really hard both mentally and emotionally. Instead of trying to force fit your employees in specific work timing, it’s a good idea to follow flexible working hours.It does give them space and time to take care of their personal things as well.

Review workloads

While working from the office, things happen in front of your eyes. You are aware of what's going on and thus have a better control of everything. Here in a work from home situation, you might not have given attention to certain things. You can review the work loads once in a while and make sure it is distributed in the right way. This will also help prevent employee burnouts.

Mental Wellness

Mental health seems to be worsening since the Covid 19 Pandemic. The workplace shouldn’t be an add on. Have you ever thought of giving your employees access to counsellors or therapists? This will help keep the stress at bay and offer mental health support to your employees when in need. Paz care helps employers take care of employee’s mental wellbeing by offering benefits such as meditation sessions, self-help tools and access to therapists.

Encourage breaks

No human body will be able to sit and work for hours at a time. Encourage employees to take breaks from work once in a while. This will help prevent burnouts and give them time to take care of their personal chores and spend time with their family and friends.

Be an example

You can expect your employees to be available throughout the day and still encourage them to maintain a healthy work life balance. You lead and they follow. Do not expect them to work in impossible work timelines and set unrealistic goals. Respect their personal time and boundaries.You cannot imagine the benefits of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Do you want your customers to be happy? Then it’s the ultimate of your employees being happy. You look after your employees and they will look after your customer. It's as simple as that.

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