Guide to Group Health Insurance With Maternity Cover
Guide to Group Health Insurance With Maternity Cover


Group Term Life Insurance

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Group term life insurance companies

Group term life insurance is provided by life insurance companies. India has 24 life insurance companies and almost all of them offer corporate term insurance. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)  is the only public sector life insurer out of the 24. Employers can buy group term life insurance policies from these life insurers. They will have to give details of the employees and the organization along with their policy requirements to buy a policy.

How to choose the best group term life insurance in India?

Many employers find it a bit difficult to choose an insurer for their company. Generally, it is based on things like customer service, claim settlement ratio, ease of endorsements, and claim support. But the primary influencer is the pricing provided by the insurer.

We at Pazcare, make this absolutely easy for you. You just have to give us your details and requirements and we will get you quotes from all the insurers you want. Our insurance advisors will even help you with understanding the offerings better for you to make an informed decision. 

We have delved into detail into what all of these life insurers offer for a group term life insurance policy

List of insurers offering the best group term insurance plan

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the No 1 term insurance company in India?

Max Life Insurance Company is the best with 99.20 claim settlement ratio

Can a group policy be ported?

Group health policy is possible to port. Group term life policies are not possible to port.

Can I port my term life insurance?

Term life insurances cannot be ported according to IRDAI

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Group Term Life Insurance Companies