10 Company Culture Examples to Inspire From

With real-life company culture examples from MindTickle, Kissflow, and 8 other companies, find inspiration to build yours.

FAQs on company culture examples

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What is positive company culture?

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Positive company culture is one where the employees feel the overall atmosphere, values, attitudes, and behaviors within an organization contribute to a supportive, inclusive, and productive work environment for them. The key elements of a positive company culture are a clear mission and values, transparent communication, inclusivity, diversity, recognition & reward and ethical leadership.

What are the 4 Cs of company culture?

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The '4 Cs' of company culture are Clarity, Consistency, Collaboration, and Celebration. These elements are essential for fostering a positive and effective organizational culture. They involve clear communication of goals and values, consistency in actions, teamwork and cooperation, and recognition of achievements.

What are the 4 types of Organisational culture?

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The four common types of organizational culture are Clan Culture, Adhocracy Culture, Market Culture, and Hierarchy Culture.

  1. Clan Culture: Emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and a supportive environment.
  2. Adhocracy Culture: Promotes innovation, risk-taking, and adaptability.
  3. Market Culture: Focuses on results, competitiveness, and delivering value to customers.
  4. Hierarchy Culture: Prioritizes stability, structure, and adherence to rules and procedures.

Each type has its characteristics and suitability depending on the organization's goals and environment

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