Employee Benefits Offered By Top Indian Organizations

Employee benefits in top Indian organizations. TCS employee benefits, Amazon employee benefits in India, HDFC bank employee benefits, etc.

India is home to one of the largest workforce in the world. Considering this fact many organizations in India are offering employee benefits that are both monetary and non-monetary in nature. This can be health insurance, gym memberships, paid time off, skill development programs, etc. The employers make sure the employees are happy and satisfied at work.

Let us look into some Indian organizations that offer some of the best employee benefits in India.

1. TCS employee benefits in India

TCS employee benefits in India
Source: LinkedIn

Employees working for TCS have positive reviews about their organization and the benefits they receive. They are content with the good work culture and organizational policies.  Some of the popular and common employee benefits offered by the TCS management are paid sick leave for employees, paid holidays, educational training or certifications reimbursements, group health insurance policies, mediclaim facilities, life insurance plans for employees, etc. Out of the numerous benefits offered some benefits and perks are offered to maintain the work-life balance. They are gym memberships, health club memberships etc.

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2. Google employee benefits in India

Google employee benefits in India
Source: India Today

The employees working for Google India are happy about their workplace environment. They are satisfied with the work culture and it even motivates them. The work schedules are flexible and there are numerous recreational activities also. Plenty of indoor and outdoor games are available for the employees. It makes their minds refreshed. The well-equipped gym provides an opportunity for the employees to maintain their health and wellness. The organization also celebrates special occasions. This work environment helps the employees feel rejuvenated and productive. Hence, it can help employees focus more on their work.

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3. Accenture employee benefits in India

Accenture provides its employees a ‘Total Rewards’ package  which includes compensation benefits and assistance for professional growth. Moreover, there are various programs offered by the organization which help the employees to maintain a good professional career and healthy lifestyle. Accenture provides numerous benefits for employees which includes group health insurance schemes, dental coverage, disability coverage, life insurance schemes, etc. These insurance schemes provide comprehensive coverage to its employees. Apart from these schemes, the organization provides several financial rewards and perks to the employees by various financial programs like Employee share purchase program, Accenture discount directory, flexible spending accounts, flexible time schedules, vacations and paid time off, etc. Here the employees have the opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  Furthermore, there are several employee assistance programs, online fitness programs, wellness programs, etc. for the employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Accenture employee benefits in India
Source: The New Indian Express

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4. Amazon employee benefits in India

Amazon offers great benefits to their employees and their family members from day one of their jobs. These extensive benefits include health coverage, parental leaves, future savings, and other resources for well-being. In health insurance, the benefits include health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, temporary and long-term disability insurance. Retirement and financial benefits include profit sharing, 401(k) plan, and defined contribution pension plan.

 Amazon employee benefits
Source: Google Images

5. ICICI employee benefits in India

ICICI offers a wide range of benefits to its employees. They offer employee skill development activities like job training and education assistance to new and existing employees. The company also trains in soft skills and provides expertise in using new tools. They also have structured life insurance for employees and their families, maternal and paternal leaves, performance bonus, pension plan, and paid family vacations. Employees can also apply for company cars, gym membership, and employee discounts.

ICICI employee benefits in India
Source: Google Images

6. HDFC employee benefits in India

The biggest benefit a long-term employee gets working in HDFC is loan benefits. Apart from the cash compensation and perquisites, the company provides assistance via medical insurance, family vacations, maternity leaves. The loan benefits include housing loans, personal loans, and vehicle loans at concessional rates. The organization also believes that such policies are key in building goodwill for the organization among the employees.

HDFC employee benefits
Source: Google images

7. Axis employee benefits in India

Just like any other bank which gives loans at concessional rates, axis bank also does the same with their employees and gives out loan benefits as low as 4% interest. Paid leaves, sick leaves, car allowances with mileage reimbursement are some of the benefits enjoyed by employees. It has been said that employees have a casual home-like atmosphere at work along with top-notch retirement plans.

Axis employee benefits
Source: Google Images

8. Quess Corp employee benefits in India

Quess Corp provides healthcare and life insurance to its employees. The work culture is well maintained with employee assistance programs, employee discounts, and gym memberships. Other benefits include stock options and equity, great incentives, and personal benefits like maternity leave, certification reimbursement, educational training, and apprenticeship program.

Quess Corp employee benefits
Source: Google Images

9. Fidelity Information Services employee benefits in India

Employees working in Fidelity enjoy many insurance benefits like health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, temporary and long-term disability insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance. There is another benefit called prepaid legal which protects its employees from losses that can be incurred in the course of working with an attorney. This firm provides many pension and welfare benefits, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans. Casual dressing, free drinks, and water are some workplace benefits.

Fidelity Information Services employee benefits
Source: Google Images

10. Infosys employee benefits in India

Infosys provides many benefits and looks after the welfare of its employees. The employees are satisfied with their workplace environment. The company holds monthly outdoor parties with some fun activities. Gym, swimming pool, badminton, basketball court, yoga classes, and many such recreational games are provided by Infosys at minimal costs. Other benefits include well-planned insurance policies, group health insurance, and extensive retirement plans. Workers of Infosys say that this is the best service-based Indian company and call their workplace a ‘knowledge hub’. They provide great incentives too.

Infosys employee benefits
Source: Google Images

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11. HCL employee benefits in India

Employees of HCL feel privileged as the company keeps its employees satisfied and responds to their concerns. Basic needs like laptops, cell phones, monthly bills, and allowances are common in this company. Employees boast that they have the best working atmosphere and flexible schedule in HCL. Paid sick leaves, maternity leave, paid vacations and family vacations from employers are some of the benefits. There is a wide range of insurance policies and family welfare policies. HCL also provides education and training to their employees. Gym, yoga, sports, corporate wellness programs, and other recreational activities are provided at minimal costs. There are no restrictions on dress codes too. Employees say this company gives them a platform for global exposure, follows a culture of entrepreneurship and employee first policy.

HCL employee benefits
Source: Google Images

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Employee benefits have their own importance in retaining talent and increasing the workplace productivity. In the earlier days a basic health insurance plan and good pay was enough to hire a potential candidate. Today it is much more than that. The benefits provided by the organization is what determines the financial proposition of a job. Further, the benefits provided to employees can make them satisfied and increase the employee engagement rate of the workplace. Moreover, the kind of benefits you provide is what makes your organization stand out from the rest.

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