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Do's and Don'ts of a good Workplace Culture

When we look for a job, one of the first few things that we notice is the work environment. How the employees are treated, the office space...

When we look for a job, one of the first few things that we notice is the work environment. How the employees are treated, the office space and the relationships that the employees share with each other. Workplace culture comprises work ethics, attitudes and the overall work environment. It is crucial to form a positive working place for individuals to thrive personally and professionally. Workplace culture is hugely influenced by the administration and management of the organization. It ensures a positive mindset, efficiency and improves team efforts. Setting up a good workplace culture requires keeping in mind a few things which will enhance the overall quality of work and improve efficiency in the whole organization. It is essential to build a workplace where your current and potential employees will want to be a part of.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Foster engagement between employees
  3. Inclusive work environment
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Degree of hierarchy
  6. Promote diversity/inclusivity
  7. Employee recognition

Set clear goals

It is important to understand what you are working towards. Set clear boundaries and goals for your employees so that they are aware of the tasks at hand. Make sure that the staff knows their responsibilities and is working towards the same. This will help guide them and achieve efficiency without spending their time on other irrelevant tasks.

Foster engagement between employees

An organization is made up of a group of people. They work together as a team and achieve their collective goals. Employee engagement is crucial as it can hinder the final outcome. To reduce any unwanted awkwardness between employees and minimise any sort of enmity at the workplace, it is important to have team building activities to enhance the collective growth of individuals.

Inclusive work environment

Any employee whether permanent or on a contractual basis, should not feel left out in the decision making process concerning his or her department. They must be kept in loop and informed of any and every change that may take place. It will make them feel involved in the  workings of the organization and in still in them a sense of belonging as well.

Attention to detail

Giving ample amount of attention to every work done improves efficiency and leaves no room for error. Providing optimum help to the staff will make sure that there are negligible problems. It also means valuing precision and reaching to conclusions keeping in mind each and every possibility, whether positive or negative.

Degree of hierarchy

It is important to let your staff know to whom they are accountable to. Many times there is a lack of productivity because individuals are not clear as to who their immediate supervisor and/or boss is. This will result in a delay in work and decrease efficiency of the whole department. Any new recruit will easily get confused if there are too many people and not enough clarity.

Promote diversity

It is integral for any and every workplace to be inclusive of every unique feature of people working for them. Gender bias or racial bias must be out of the question while recruiting or while promoting people. A workplace should make its employees feel welcomed and accepted without focusing on their different ways of living life.

Employee recognition

If any employee is doing good work in his or her department, the supervisor should duly appreciate them for the same. A few words of encouragement and appreciation go a long way in building the morale of the employees. It will inadvertently also increase efficiency in their work. Giving promotions or rewards to let the staff know that their work is being recognised will promote workplace culture too.

Things to avoid

  1. Unhealthy gossip
  2. Inefficiency in work
  3. No interaction between leaders and employees
  4. No rewards/praise
  5. Poor internal communication

Unhealthy gossip

Unnecessary talks behind your team’s back and promoting bad-mouth culture must be avoided. To create a good workplace culture, it is of utmost importance to ensure that nobody is getting any remarks of any kind. Only good criticism should be accepted and promoted.

Inefficiency in work

Any significant lack in work should be addressed. Unproductiveness should be questioned and the staff should be held accountable for the same. Any workplace should not tolerate the aforementioned.

No interaction between leader and employees

Lack of proper communication between the supervisors and the subordinates should be avoided as it can hinder the work. Proper communication must be there in order to avoid any confusion in the minds of staff.

No rewards/praises

Every employee should be praised upon achieving a feat, whether big or small. This will help them to remain positive and aim for more such achievements. A small gesture of appreciation from a superior to his/her subordinate will have a positive impact in the long run.

Poor internal communication

Potential and current employees, both will want to work for someone where their tasks are delegated clearly. There should be no confusion in any matter and proper channels should be maintained, through which, the work will be done. Communication between team members is as important as communication between the members and leader.These few things should be focused upon to ensure a thriving workplace. Sometimes a few small changes can create a bigger impact than some more significant changes. It is important to have clarity regarding what type of work the organization is expecting from the potential and current employees. Similarly, what employee benefits the company is ready to provide. An organization will only thrive when its employees and customers are well taken care of.

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