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What Makes You Smile On A Workday? Perhaps Some Appreciation?

It makes our day when someone recognizes our efforts and appreciates us, doesn’t it? We feel happy about the job well done and also get...

It makes our day when someone recognizes our efforts and appreciates us, doesn’t it? We feel happy about the job well done and also get motivated to continue.

Now on a broader scale, in an office setup, employees give their best by pushing and challenging themselves every day. One of the biggest motivations that keep them going is the appreciation they receive from their peers. In the best-known company cultures, appreciation flows naturally wherever it’s due.

We can’t emphasize enough that employees want to be in a positive work environment where there are opportunities to grow and be recognized. For an organization, appreciation is a way to reinforce positivity and trust in employees. This plays a significant role in the success of the organization. If you want to ensure that in your company, appreciation becomes a part and parcel of the organizational culture, read on for some tips.

Make it a part of company culture


Have monthly or quarterly or half-yearly events to appreciate the work done. Invite guests and executive-level employees as well. Remember how the prize-giving ceremonies in school annual day celebrations were such a boost? Similarly, you can provide incentives and awards to appreciate. You can work also conduct meetings/sessions to recognize the weekly efforts/progress of your employees. You can also talk about the goals to be met until the next meeting and encourage your colleagues.


Few appreciations make more sense and impact when it is immediate. So instead of saving it for meetings, spills some positivity as and when it is due. Immediate appreciation appears as more genuine and is commonly seen within a team. This is more valuable as it is timely.


Specifying what was exceptional that it deserved an appreciation makes people feel it is personalized and it is not said for the sake of it. This also allows peers to comprehend how they can improve their individual performances.


Encourage your colleagues to appreciate their peers. Talk about the positives of appreciation and encourage them to practice it.

Now let’s jump into the 25 employee appreciation words. Appreciation can flow from all sides and not necessarily top to bottom. So here are some appreciation words and sentences anyone can use in an organization.

  1. I learned this from you or Thank you for teaching me this. I really appreciate it.
  2. I am happy to be a part of this team.
  3. Your contribution was top-notch.
  4. Thank you for taking the extra step to ensure we complete this.
  5. Thank you for joining the meeting and taking your time out. (Applicable to clients and partners as well.)
  6. Loved your presentation. It was definitely interesting.
  7. You are an amazing leader/boss. Whenever the team needs you, you are there. You help us work efficiently as you take care of our problems and also guide us on how to go about them.
  8. You are the cheerleader of our team. It's really fun to work with you.
  9. We have to single out Shiva as he pointed out this flaw. We were able to work on it and fix it. It is important to have a keen eye like him.
  10. I heard that you helped Shiva with some personal work as he is going through a tough situation. It is big of you to do that.
  11. Thank you for stepping up and talking about it. We can certainly count on you.
  12. I heard about your initiatives to bring in diversity here. Those were some stellar ideas! You have a lot to be proud of.
  13. You have strong work ethics
  14. You have brought a great skillset to power this team.
  15. Your passion and commitment is commendable
  16. As a boss, you have invested your time in understanding us and what could be better. You are the backbone of the team
  17. You always inspire me
  18. It is bold of you to take this as a challenge. I am sure you will kill this. Let me know if you need anything from me.
  19. It is amazing how you manage your work-life balance.
  20. I love being a part of this team. Let’s make more impossibles possible.
  21. You have grown consistently ever since you joined. It shows the hard work you put.
  22. You have been really warm and helpful to the interns. They loved learning and working with you.
  23. Our social handles have been blowing with your campaigns. Your ideas are very innovative and engaging. Great work.
  24. Your positive attitude is infectious
  25. Your work speaks for itself! Remarkable!

Appreciating and encouraging everyone to appreciate is one of the effective ways to keep your employees mentally happy. Read about 5 ways to improve mental health at workplace.

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