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Top 10 HR Podcasts To Rethink The Future Of Work

Your guide to top HR podcasts that talk about employee engagement, hybrid work culture, and HR technologies that determine the future of work.

As HRs, you manage your employees, recruit talents, maintain employee records, assist in performance management, phew! what not? You spend your course of life staring at the screen, making sure things are smooth and easy for your organization. 

In between all this, you have to find time to upskill yourself. Well, how? Again! Staring at your computer. And sometimes it can get a bit boring, yes we understand that. 

No worries, here is a solution for you!

Be it your gym workout sessions, you stuck in a traffic jam, your jogging session, or anytime you are bored to read!

Kick it up a notch by listening to these top 10 HR podcasts and rethink the future of work.

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HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour podcast

HR Happy Hour is the longest-running and top downloaded podcast.

Hosts: Steve Boese, Co-Founder of H3 HR Advisors and Program Chair, HR Technology Conference and Trist McFarlane, CEO and Principal Analyst, H3 HR Advisors. 

What’s it about: Challenges that influence HR technologies, company culture, employee wellbeing, recruitment and managing talents. 

Host talks to top HR leaders in the industry, academicians, practitioners, consultants and authors.

Listen on: Spotify||Amazon Alexa||Apple Podcast||Google Podcast

Why should you tune into it?

  • If you are an organization struggling with a remote/hybrid work culture, then this HR podcast can provide you insights on managing such teams, improving employee engagement, improving company culture, etc.
  • If you struggle in attracting talents or incorporate new ways of recruiting people, like outbound recruiting, then this is perfect for you.
  • To increase your employee benefits strategy, support women in the workplace, redesign employee performance management, and many more

Begin with

  • Episode 468 – Supporting Hourly and Shift Workers with HR Technology
  • Episode 478 – The New Work Operating System

The Shape of Work by Springworks

The Shape of Work by Springworks podcast

Hosts: Abhash Kumar VP - Marketing Springworks, Anoop Suresh COO Springworks, and Kartik Mandaville founder and CEO of Springworks

What’s it about: The Shape of Work by Springworks talks about insights on the future of work from top people managers and understand how it shapes our workplace, people and managers

Host talks to Top people managers 

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify||Google Podcasts

Why should you tune into it?

  • To understand the ways to combat the period of “great resignation” and set exceptional work-life boundaries for your employees.
  • To identify ways to build a learning and development focused workplace culture that leads to higher employee retention and profitability.
  • To answer significant questions related to employer branding and crack ways to build it passionately.
  • To understand the importance of providing a good employee benefits package and building a positive workplace culture.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Adithya Venkatesan on the employer branding playbook he used to attract top engineering talent at GO-JEK
  • Episode: Stephen Bates on how to align the individual, team, and organizational goals for success

Employee Engagement Podcast 

Employee engagement podcast

Host: Srikanth Acharya, CEO Offineeds.com 

What’s it about: Employee engagement strategies, case studies, and stories.

Host talks to Experienced professionals and authors who have comprehensive knowledge in recruiting, managing and growing a large workforce.

Listen on: Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To redefine employee experience and workplace culture in your organization
  • To have a strong understanding of employee engagement in a workplace and implement it in your organization.
  • Challenges in employee engagement during remote work and how to overcome them.
  • To understand how employee engagement activities are carried out across different organizations and gain insights from them.

Begin with: 

  • Episode 11 - Vinay Trivedi interview
  • Episode 15 - Partha Neog interview

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POPS! The People Ops Podcast

POPS podcast

Host: Didi D’Errico, VP Communications at Zenefits.

What’s it about: The People Ops Podcast by Zenefits talks about fresh ideas, stories and answers to build a workplace in the new world of work, post-pandemic.

Host talks to Authors, speakers and people leaders from Zenefits

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify||Google Podcast

Why should you tune into it?

  • To enhance employee engagement through the professional development of employees.
  • To understand building joy at work and preventing employee burnouts.
  • If you are a small business, tune in to this podcast to understand the financial benefits you can offer to your employees and adapt to the new world of work.
  • Creating better strategies to attract and recruit talents in your organization. 

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Building better engagement
  • Episode: What is the state of workplace culture after a year of the pandemic?

WorkLife: A TED original podcast

WorkLife: A TED original podcast

Host: Adam Grant, Organizational psychologist.

What’s it about: Work Life with Adam Grant explores the Science of making work interesting by understanding the minds of the world’s most unusual professionals

Host talks to Popular CEOs of top companies in the world, Olympic players, popular authors, Nobel Prize winners, and many more.

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To discover the ideas of having a better work-life.
  • To figure out what we get wrong about mental health at work and find out ways to start getting it right.
  • Understand the future of work and embrace flexibility in the workplace.
  • To build an inclusive workplace that enhances the organization's culture.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Taken for granted: Indra Nooyi says it’s time for leaders to care.
  • Episode: We should allow sad days, not just sick days.

Vantage Influencers Podcast

Vantage Influencers Podcast

Host: This is created by the Vantage Circle, employee benefits and employee engagement platform.

What’s it about: Vantage Influencers Podcasts talks about employee engagement, benefits, compensation, recruitment and everything related to HR

Host talks to HR thought leaders

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To know more about employee benefits and understand what is the most important benefit among the employees.
  • To bring employees' psychological strengths to work to improve productivity and happiness among employees.
  • To understand the leadership trends which shape the future of employee experience
  • Understand the role of HRs in building better performance management in the organization.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: The role of HR in performance management.
  • Episode: The secrets to improving employee happiness and engagement.


#WorkTrends podcast

Host: Meghan M. Biro, founder TalentCulture

What’s it about: #WorkTrends Podcast talks about talent management, future of work, HR technology

Host talks to HR experts, leading experts, and HR tech vendors

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To attract great talents into your organization and build a company brand.
  • To find the right people in the barrage of resumes and gather insights on virtual hiring, the future of recruitment.
  • To make use of the right tools to innovate and reimagine workplaces
  • To focus on the right elements like communication, collaboration to sustain long-term hybrid working solutions.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: The future of recruiting.
  • Episode: Use modern technology to create better workplaces.

People Matters Podcast

People Matters Podcast

Host: This is created by People Matters, a media organization.

What’s it about: People Matters Podcast sheds light on ideas, trends, innovations and expert viewpoints on people and work

Host talks to Business leaders and people leaders

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To address the main causes of talent crisis and attrition and ideate ways to improve mental health at work, employee wellbeing and tackle workplace bullying.
  • To build a new and evolving workplace with digital collaboration, personal productivity, and teamwork in hybrid work cultures.
  • To gear up and take steps to build gender-balanced workplaces.
  • To understand how the pandemic changed the employee experience and workplace culture.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Agility is the key to embrace the new normal
  • Episode: Are we ready to come back to offices?

Digital HR Leaders With David Green

Digital HR Leaders With David Green podcast

Host: David Green, executive director and member of the board Insight 222

What’s it about: Digital HR Leaders Podcast is about case studies, interviews, and stories on acquiring digital skills to create business value and future of work

Host talks to Senior HR leaders

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify||Google Podcasts

Why should you tune into it?

  • To understand as a people leader how to build a transformational data-driven culture in your workplace. Solve business challenges and build an effective talent marketplace in a hybrid work environment.
  • To figure out ways of using people analytics to drive business performance with case studies.
  • To know why the pandemic has fast-forwarded the future of work and how to prepare organizations concerning an increase in remote and hybrid working environments.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Standard Chartered CHRO on designing an exceptional employee experience 
  • Episode: The role of HR in the future of work with Ravin Jesuthasan

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Happy HRs - NHRDN Podcasts

Happy HRs - NHRDN Podcasts

Host: podcast from NHRDN in association with Timbre Media.

What’s it about: Happy HRs - NHRDN Podcast is about redefining the concept of work in the 21st Century and enhancing HR capabilities.

Host talks to Top people managers, business leaders, investors, mentors, etc.

Listen on Apple Podcast||Spotify

Why should you tune into it?

  • To understand the essence of leadership, people management and building a great work culture from the real-life experiences of the business leaders.
  • To find out ways to tackle mental health problems in the workplace.

Begin with: 

  • Episode: Catapult your Career with Gangapriya Chakraverti
  • Episode: In Conversation with S V Nathan Partner & Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India

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