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15 HR tools for HR professionals to seize 2022

Top HR tools with features for HR professionals, HR tools for recruitment, Corporate communication tools, Employee engagement tools

The Human Resources team maintains powerful employee relations and dynamic culture in and around the organization. Hence, the role of HR in the workplace culture is significant. HR tools help human resource professionals to manage their day-to-day HR activities effectively. Performing these actions manually can be tedious and burdensome. Hence, these HR automation tools can not only save your time but also manage the functions accurately.

A majority of the companies now use SaaS-based tools for HR operations. There are a ton of HRMS tools available in the market. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the needs of the organization and then analyse the software available. Let us find out more about the 15 HR tools you need to win 2022. 

What are the key features of an HR tool?

Certain features are important for any HR tool. Make sure the tool you choose satisfies these conditions.

  • The HR tools should be simple and easy to use.
  • The implementation time must be very minimal.
  • It should be highly customizable according to the organization’s needs.
  • Third-party tools should seamlessly integrate with these HRMS tools.
  • As the organization expands, these HR analytics tools should be scalable.

HR tools for recruitment

The demand for talented people is always on the rise. The biggest challenge HR can face will be finding the right talents and providing them with an outstanding onboarding experience. The HR tools for recruitment can simply solve this problem.

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LinkedIn recruitment marketing

LinkedIn recruitment marketing allows you to showcase your company, provide employee views about the organization and drive awareness. It comes with a dynamic ads feature with which you can target unfamiliar candidates. You can also drive engagement by posting customized content on your newsfeed. It lets you build a pipeline of warm candidates and get them to fill an application. Hence, driving your recruitment drive faster than expected. 

Zoho recruit

Zoho recruit makes your hiring effortless. You can create a pre-screening assessment to measure the candidate's skills. Further, it allows you to customize your careers page and build your brand. You can also customize the offer letters to the candidates by making use of the templates available.


Bambee lets you have a dedicated HR manager who automates your HR activities from onboarding to employee training. It is great for companies of any size with any budget. It has a free trial offer so you can analyze the software before your purchase.

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Payroll software for HR

Automating payroll with payroll software is time saving if you are an HR.  It eliminates the need for paperwork and other formalities required in the month ends. This payroll management software allows you to credit salary directly to an employee's bank account according to the pre-configured workplace rules and attendance data.

So if you are stuck on spreadsheets and other manual tools, it is time to make a switch.

Zoho payroll

Zoho payroll allows you to run payrolls and generate payslips with taxes, allowances, and deductions in a matter of seconds. You can remit the employees’ salaries directly to their bank accounts on time. Furthermore, it lets you create multiple pay slabs for staff, managers, and associates.


Keka allows you to track and automate most of your HR-related activities. You can automate the payrolls, track employees’ time and attendance, and many more. Also, it comes with an integrated hiring management platform to collaborate with recruiters. This serves its purpose for any industry ranging from technology and services to pharmaceutical companies.

Keka website snapshot

Razorpay Payroll 

Razorpay Payroll allows you to generate payrolls for employees and credit salaries to the employees in minutes. It also lets you automate payments and fillings like TDS, PF, ESI, PT, and more. It provides integrations with other HR tools like slack and more. If you are a startup and looking for a payroll automation tool, this may satisfy your requirements.

Corporate communication tools

Internal communication is the key to having the work done. Being an HR ensuring effective communication between your employees is important. Thanks to the global pandemic communicating with the remote team are becoming tough. But thanks to these corporate communication tools which can help you and your employees communicate effectively. 


When it comes to communication within a workplace, then Slack is one of the best. Be it working remotely or in the workplace, you can coordinate with your employees and stay on top of your work and announcements. You can easily send files, integrate other HR tools to stay on track with your work.

Workplace from Facebook 

Workplace from Facebook (now Meta) helps you in bringing your workplace together. It has features like groups, chats, live video broadcasting which brings your team together. It keeps them connected, engaged, and informed wherever they are.

Workplace website snapshot

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Productivity tools

Employee productivity is of paramount importance for the profitability and survival of an organization. As a human resource professional, you can implement a few productivity tools to improve employee performance and efficiency.


Notion is an amazing tool to build the workflow you want. It helps your employees be on top of their work and other tasks. You can customize your workflow instantaneously by creating tables, documents, and more. The employees can simply drag and drop the documents and all other data and build a workflow.


Height app is an all-in-one project management tool. You can organize your workflow using spreadsheets, kanban board, and the calendar feature. The Chat feature under each task lets you communicate with the team in real-time and assign work to your team.

Employee engagement tools

Employee engagement is a key metric that sheds light on employee satisfaction. Being an HR you monitor and maintain a positive ‘workplace culture’ and make sure that your employees are happy and satisfied. 

You can improve your employee engagement rate by simply appreciating the employees and their contributions in the form of gifts, rewards, etc.


Assembly is an employee recognition tool that offers employee rewards like gift cards, parties, etc. You can integrate this tool with your communication tool and HRMS software. It even allows peer-to-peer recognition. The platform is user-friendly and if you are a startup then this tool can be worth it.


Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform. It enriches your company culture by empowering everyone to recognize their peers. It provides you with analytic insights on where the team members excel and study the trends. If you wish to streamline your recognition and rewards into one single platform, then this is for you. 

Nectar HR

Nectar HR is a low-maintenance employee recognition tool. It is user-friendly and allows peer-to-peer recognition. It has an activity feed that displays all sorts of actions taking place in your workplace and empowers everyone to engage in appreciation. You can integrate Nectar with all your HRIS, SSO, or Chat and collaborate with software like Slack or Teams.

Benefits administration software for the HR

According to an employee satisfaction survey, the employees are most likely to stick around when offered group benefits. As an HR professional, you know that benefits administration is essential. This benefits administration software helps you manage benefits and is easy to integrate with your current HRMS tool. 


Pazcare is your one-stop destination for managing all your employee health care benefits. It offers health insurance products like group health insurance, covid-19 insurance, and wellness benefits like therapy sessions, online doctor consultations, health check-ups, and many more. Further, the employees can access all these features using their mobile application. As a people manager of your company, you can even keep track of the usage and manage the benefits using the admin dashboard.


Benefitfocus is a single source for tools, insights, and services that are essential to reduce the cost and complexity of managing employee benefits. Not only can you manage the benefits but also monitor the health insights. Using health insights you can make data-driven decisions to help control the inflating healthcare costs and optimize benefits investment. 

Modern solutions for the HR

Undoubtedly these modern and automated HR tools can cut down the manual and tedious work of the human resource department. In the beginning, implementing these solutions was expensive. But currently and in the times to come you can purchase cost-effective tools and scale up later on the requirement. So always do your research, analyze and utilize the trial period of any HR tool and seize this year.

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