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Top 10 Employee Onboarding Software in India

Top 10 employee onboarding software - small, mid & enterprise size companies 1. Qandle 2. Keka 3. HR Mantra|Best hr onboarding software

When new employees start, they are bound to be excited. And all it takes is a long-drawn and monotonous list of onboarding tasks that dip the excitement. To make onboarding of employees time-efficient, less daunting, companies must invest in an employee onboarding system.  

Employee onboarding generally refers to the easy welcome of the new employee in the company. It is done to make sure that the recruiting process is smooth for both the employee and the employer. New recruits will want to have all the necessary and relevant information regarding the company, their job profile, their superiors, their teammates, their department and their co-workers. Setting up a hassle-free onboarding process is beneficial for the HR department as well. It makes the hiring process much more efficient and easy for both the employees and the employers.

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Employees are the core of every institution. If you wish to know anything about a company, you will more likely ask its existing employees about the same. How an employee feels about a company says a lot about the work culture of the organization. And a smooth employee onboarding reflects the company’s positive workplace culture. Today, we have a plethora of companies sending in gifts or kits to all new hires to motivate and make them feel they belonged in the company. That’s the fun part! That non-fun part is with all the documents and training sessions. That’s why we have listed 10 companies that will help with the easy onboarding process.

Top 10 Employee Onboarding Software


Qandle provides digital wallets to store documents of your employees and comes with a seamless and paperless onboarding. It also maintains different letters in its database to use as and when required. With over 22+ HR Modules, Qandle has served over 20+ industries. It manages the tasks and orientations for the new hires and also manages the probation period to make sure you make the perfect choice for your company.


By giving an overview of the company culture, Keka lets your employees have an insight into how your company functions. Along with alerting the existing employees of any new joiners, it also makes the awkwardness between the existing and new recruits negligible. It also has a documentation feature that lets the new joiners fill in their information before joining the company, to cut down on the boring onboarding process.


A cloud-based multilingual software, it is a one-stop solution from onboarding to the retirement of the employees. It comes with an ESS page, wherein the employee can fill in his or her educational, professional and personal details themselves, for HR to verify in one place. Keeping in mind the technology-oriented candidates, HRMantra can help introduce your company and its achievements through charts and graphs, making it a lot more appealing for the new recruit. It also has an auto-generate feature that can generate letters of various natures by just adding the employee name, making the HR work much easier.


Zimyo believes in creating a lasting first impression, comes with an automated workflow, it can also customize offer letters as and when required. Keeping the safety of the company data in mind provides you with a candidate background verification from third-party vendors. It has an automated profile mapping where employee profiles can be easily filled. To further help HR in making the correct choice, it comes with a Maker’s Checker feature, where the HR Department can verify crucial details provided by the new joiner.  


It is a mobile-friendly software that provides self-onboarding for employees and admins can look into every step easily. It can also create a compensation and benefits package, along with providing background check service to make your work easier. Over 80% new recruits complete their onboarding process before their first day at work, according to Zenefits. With features like company directories, Zenefits ticks all the boxes for every HR. To keep the information up-to-date, the employees can themselves fill in their necessary documents and records, making the process hassle-free and the software easy to use.  

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Sage HR

You can build your own task list for the employees to access easily, this makes the flow of work easily without any space for wrongdoing. It also automates the tasks for new joiners to have work cut out for them for easy navigation between the task list. With its reporting feature, you can know where each employee is in terms of their onboarding process. It has an easy 14-day free trial which can be cancelled anytime. With an easy recruitment process, leave management feature and shift scheduling options, it is a good choice for your HR needs.


To ease the time-consuming process of employee onboarding, WorkBright is a very good choice for small and medium business owners. With a 100% remote process, it collects the relevant documents digitally and provides E-verification of the same. A personalized customer care service helps with prompt responses. It monitors the hiring process by showing only the necessary data on your dashboard. It also reminds new employees about any upcoming deadlines to make sure everything is on time and without any delays.  


factoHR promotes employee retention with its paperless onboarding process. It is time-saving software that helps employees take charge of themselves by adding the necessary documentation. It also provides different templates to choose from for different offer letters. Employees can also get a pre-onboarding email link to the new recruits. Creates an employee form candidate to manage time efficiently and enable a smooth onboarding process.  


You can customize pre-boarding packages to make a better first-day experience for your new recruits. A paperless way to ensure all the formalities are taken care of, BambooHR lets you have digital signatures as well to go ahead with a smooth onboarding process. With everything being digitized, it makes your company more presentable and efficient in its onboarding process for candidates to stick with your company for a longer duration of time. It takes care of the administrative work by providing you with templates for different departments within the company for better time management.

Kissflow Workflow

A one-stop solution for all your onboarding requirements, Kissflow revolves around making your onboarding experience easier and efficient. Right from applicant tracking to retirement, Kissflow has got you covered. You can manage the leaves of the employees and keep a check on their performance as well. To promote a healthy work culture, you can have attendance records as well as a smooth offboarding process too, if and when required.

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