80+ Self-Appraisal Comments For Your Performance Review

A step-by-step guide to your self-appraisal. Self-appraisal comments by employees with examples. Know how it helps the employees and the HR.

FAQs on Self-Appraisal

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How do I write an appraisal for myself (self-appraisal)?

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A self-appraisal is a professional document where you evaluate your performance during a review period. Reflect on accomplishments, challenges, skills used, and goals for the future. Use specific examples and quantifiable data to strengthen your self-assessment.

What is an example of self-appraisal?

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Example: "Successfully led the marketing campaign for the new product launch, resulting in a 20% increase in sales within the first quarter. I effectively collaborated with the design team to create engaging visuals and utilized social media platforms to reach a wider audience. My goal for the coming year is to develop my expertise in data analysis to further optimize future marketing campaigns."

How do you answer self-appraisal questions?

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For self-appraisal questions, be honest, and concise, and highlight your strengths. Briefly describe your achievements, skills used, and lessons learned. Use the provided questions as a guide to showcase your contributions and growth throughout the review period.

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