PIP full form in HR

PIP full form in HR

PIP full form in HR is Performance Improvement Plan.

Performance Improvement Plan

A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), commonly used in professional settings, is a formal document that outlines an employee's performance deficiencies and sets clear, specific expectations for improvement within a defined timeframe. 

It's a tool designed to help employees understand what they need to change in order to meet job standards. The PIP is usually considered a last step before potential termination if an employee's performance doesn't improve.

The main components of a PIP typically include:

Description of Performance Gap

Clearly state where the employee's performance does not meet expectations or company standards.

Improvement Expectations

Clearly outline what the employee needs to do to improve and meet performance standards.

Support and Resources

Describe any resources, training, or support that will be provided to the employee to help them succeed.

Timeline for Review

Set a specific time frame for the PIP, after which performance will be re-evaluated. This could be anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the specific issues and the company's policies.


Clearly outline what will happen if the performance standards are not met by the end of the PIP period. This could range from further disciplinary action to termination.

Monitoring and Feedback

Describe how the employee's progress will be monitored and how often feedback will be provided.


Both the manager and the employee typically sign the PIP to indicate they understand its contents. Some companies also have a representative from the HR department sign.

It's worth noting that while the intention of a PIP is to help the employee improve, it's often seen by employees as a precursor to being let go. Therefore, it's essential for managers to communicate transparently, offer genuine support, and use the PIP as a tool for constructive development rather than just a step in a termination process.

Performance improvement plan template

Here is a common template you can use to for PIP. This is an extensive template as it is important to document crucial details regarding PIP for both employer and employee. Please edit it as per your requirements.

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