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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts off the system and expound.

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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts off the system and expound.

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 Top 10 Attendance Management Software

How would you like your daily job to be keeping a track of peoples’ attendance? You’ll be responsible to note at what time which employee is coming in, going out, on a paid leave, unpaid leave and the like! It is definitely as tiring as it sounds. Keeping a track of employee attendance is a tiresome process which includes many aspects of attendance and not just the in and out time. It is important for any organization to keep a tab on their employees’ attendance as it will be useful at the time of payroll as well.
Since COVID-19 hit, everything has shifted to digital mediums, including the management of employees. It becomes a cumbersome task to manage your workforce digitally, where every employee is at their house and pretty comfortable! To make your attendance woes go away, we have curated a list of top attendance management software, in no particular order, to ensure that your work becomes easier and manageable.

  1. sumHR
  2. greytHR
  3. CheckTime
  4. ZingHR
  5. Securtime
  6. HR Mantra
  7. Zoho People
  8. FactoHR
  9. Time Doctor
  10. Smart HRM


sumHR ensures that you have a stress-free employee attendance record. It gives you a free 7 day trial, comes with benefits like shift planner, biometric integrations and even mobile attendance system. It also has a break tracking system and employee overtime hour calculation system. It includes WFH or On-Duty options, wherein you can set time limits as per your needs. Gives out real-time attendance data to generate payroll without any delay. The employees themselves can also apply for leaves without any hassle.


It provides centralized time and attendance solutions for large enterprises, having multiple offices. With real time integration with Cards, Biometric or Facial recognition features, it is an error-less way to track your employees’ productivity. Via the ESS portal, managers can change their employees’ shifts as well. Their automatic daily attendance policy will also be useful in month-end HR review.


It can generate attendance reports in many forms such as Excel sheets, PDFs, TXT etc. CheckTime automates the leave request process, which makes it a hassle-free task, it can also easily integrate with your payroll software. With around 10+ years of experience, it becomes an affordable and comprehensive approach to attendance management.


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ZingHR has some key features like quick authentication, easy to install and highly portable along with being accurate and secure. With over 26 global languages and 15+ countries, ZingHR is one of the most sought after attendance software. It also has additional features like facial recognition and zero touch payroll!


With renowned clients like Myntra, Nestaway and HP, Securtime is a cloud-based real-time attendance and workforce management solution. It’s user-friendly self-service function enables the employees to report in real-time with minimum work. The web-based timekeeping system helps the managers to make decisions on time.

HR Mantra

HR Mantra provides an attendance month period which can be set easily to give out payroll accordingly. Auto shift rotation and flexi shifts can be set by fixing how many hours a day work is to be done. It also has employee self service wherein employees can regularize their attendance on their own.

Zoho People

With facial recognition, the employees can be marked by just a picture. It enables onsite and remote employees to mark their attendance. Geo-tracking also helps employees to check-in from various locations. Specifics for each employee can be managed through their IDs. Their absence scheduler converts absence to leaves to save time.


It allows your employees to ‘punch’ their attendance directly through their mobile enabled geo-trackers. Roster planning system is also there which helps you to manage shifts of your employees regularly without any inconvenience. A detailed attendance configuration for your every need, which supports time management across the globe.

Time Doctor

It comes with features like mobile tracking and per task time. With clients like KPMG and Disney, it ensures a 22% productivity in employee timings. Detailed time reports and screenshots of activities will also help in managing the efficiency of the employees. Additionally, you can also check which web and app are used and their usage statistics.

Smart HRM

Smart HRM is a fully integrated HR software consisting of payroll, attendance, time tracking etc. it is extremely beneficial to manage your employees’ progress and all related HR functions. It is employee friendly to maintain their own time records and leaves. It also has a time tracker and is easy to understand as well.


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