HR leadership can still win in a Job-seeker's market

Dipen Sharma
Dipen Sharma
Lead HR Business Partner, Medline India
Manish Kumar,
Manish Kumar,
People & Culture, Flint

About the event

With record high resignation rates and a plethora of open positions, 2022 has proven to be a job-seekers market. It has become extremely critical for the HR leadership to focus on bringing a sense of belongingness and attachment in employees. Harnessing employee engagement correctly, and consistently, is paramount to improving the employee experience and reducing turnover.

In this session, industry leaders ​periodically evaluate the employee engagement practices and discuss building deeper relationships with your employees. Speakers emphasize that organizations that make their employee engagement a focus for day-to-day operations stand out from their competitors.

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Key takeaways from the webinar

  • Trusting your employees enough by giving them flexibility at work plays an instrumental role in building a strong sense of ownership among your teammate
  • Building a culture of ownership within the workforce is a gradual process. Strong sense of ownership will result in better employee retention.
  • ​Ensuring involvement of employees and maintaining their support results in an enriched employee experience.
  • ​Regularly checking in with your employees and having a system for performance management can result in better employee experience.
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