Win over your workforce with these employee benefits best practices

Prerona Sanyal
Prerona Sanyal
Senior People Success Manager, Squadstack
Margaret Dsouza
Margaret Dsouza
Head- People Success, Zeta
Shikhar Singh
Shikhar Singh
Human Resources Head, Cutshort
Minakshi Uniyal
Minakshi Uniyal
Human Resources Head, Freed

About the event

One of the biggest investments any organization can make for their workforce is on employee benefits. A top tier employee benefits program requires you to dig deeper into understanding employee touchpoints and come up with concrete strategies right from planning to execution.

​In this session we will be discussing some of the best practices that India’s top HR leaders have come to realize while managing employee benefits at their organizations. Speakers also emphasize on how organizations can ensure great employee experience at work.

Come join us! You can implement the takeaways at your workplace right from day one.

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Key takeaways from the webinar

  • "One rule, fits all" concept is irrelevant when it comes to employee benefits. Your employee benefits should be personalized & customized catering to each employee’s needs.
  • For the right mental well-being of your employees, organizations should extend their employee benefits beyond generic mental wellness sessions.
  • Apart from offering generic mental wellness sessions for your employees, organizations should start thinking about extending day-to-day support for their workforce.
  • Today’s workforce has changed the way they perceive employee insurance & benefits. Apart from the basic coverage, the process needs to be tech enabled, easy-to-use and hassle-free
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