Coronavirus insurance for your team.

Buy a comprehensive covid insurance policy for your team and their family members. Plans starting from Rs 499 per month/employee.

Remote or hybrid; insure your team against Covid

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group covid insurance

What is group covid insurance?

Covid group insurance refers to a policy that provides coverage to your employees against coronavirus. The treatment for coronavirus, its variants, and any medical illness due to the same is covered. Medical expenses like hospitalization charges, tests and miscellaneous bills, are included in Covid Insurance.

Generally, hospitalization due to covid-19 is covered if you have an existing group health insurance. However, only hospitalization is covered and not expenses incurred during home quarantine or tests. So you can buy covid insurance as an add-on to your current group health insurance or as a separate policy.

Why buy a group covid insurance plan?

Less stress in workspace

Less stress in workspace

With employees made to return to office, covid insurance helps with stress on getting exposed to the virus.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Miscellaneous expenses

The cost of consumable expenses like gloves and masks is included in the covid insurance policy

Tax Saving

Tax saving

The premium paid towards covid insurance are liable to be exempted from tax.

Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies

Coronavirus insurance policy covers hospitalization of employees due to covid-19.

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What should your covid insurance cover?


Hospital charges

In-patient hospital charges should be covered.


Room Rent

Provide 1% and 2% or 2% and 4% room and ICU rent respectively in covid insurance.


Doctor visits / Consultations

Doctor consultations of covid patients should be covered in the covid insurance policy.


Zero waiting period

Group covid insurance should start from Day 1

coronavirus insurance

Why should you buy covid insurance from Pazcare?

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

We offer Covid insurance policy at a nominal rate. It can be easily bought as an rider to your group health insurance.
Customer Service

Customer service

Customer service, including claim support that is available 24/7 to help you and your team at all times.
Pazcare dashboard advantage

Pazcare dashboard advantage

Manage your policy, add/delete employees, and access employee and family details without hassles at one place using the employer experience dashboard.
admin dashboard

Admin dashboard

Employers can use the Pazcare admin dashboard to make endorsements, manage and track their policy.
Mobile app for employees

Mobile app for employees

Easy access to policy details, inclusion and exclusions using the mobile application.
HRMS integration

HRMS integration

Pazcare dashboard can be easily integrated with your HRMS to automate endorsements.

Things to know before buying covid insurance policy


Claims process

It is important to understand the claim process and opt for one that requires less intervention from HRs and admins. It should also enable employees to avail and claim insurance easily.

Treatments included

We offer absolute transparency in the inclusions and exclusions of your policy. As your insurance consultant, we also help you purchase the best policy in the market.

Home quarantine

All the expenses caused due to covid-19 even in home quarantine or domiciliary hospitalization can be covered in a group covid policy.
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How to claim your covid insurance?

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For Cashless Claims

For cashless claims

  • Get to the nearest network hospital
  • Show your health insurance ID card, company ID card and proof of identity.
  • Your insurer will settle your medical bill with the hospital.
Reimbursement claim

Reimbursement claim

  • Collect all the original bills and supporting documents required.
  • Contact us at
  • We will guide you through the process.

Documents required for covid insurance policy

  • Name of the employee and employee ID
  • Personal details like name, age, gender, marital status
  • List of the dependents
  • Details on the add-ons and sum insured.

Who should buy covid health insurance?

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HR leaders

HR leaders

For a 10/10 employee experience and satisfaction


For staying on top of your employer branding
Finance controllers

Finance controllers

Healthcare benefits that are “value for money”
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Frequently asked questions

Can covid insurance be added on an existing insurance policy?

Yes, on the Pazcare dashboard you can easily add/delete an add-on benefit.

How to buy covid insurance?

You can check if it is already included in your Group Health Insurance, or you can add it as an add-on benefit to your existing insurance policy.

Who all can get covid insurance?

Any individual can buy covid insurance for himself. He or she can add their spouse, children and parents as well.

Can I get cashless treatment in any hospital?

Cashless payment methods are available in our chain of network hospitals.

What is not covered under covid insurance?

Unfortunately, quarantine centre cost, treatment outside India, vaccines unless prescribed by a medical practitioner are not included in your covid insurance.