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Employee attendance policy

Employee Attendance Policy in India with Sample Template

Punctuality is the backbone of a thriving organization. Unexpected tardiness & absences can hinder our progress. Our Employee Attendance Policy template is tailored to guide behaviour, manage absenteeism, and uphold time management seamlessly! 🕰️📈

Purpose of an attendance policy for employees

The employee attendance policy clearly states the company's expectations for punctuality and consistent attendance. Timely arrival by employees promotes efficiency and ensures that the workplace functions seamlessly and collaboratively. 

When employees are absent or tardy, it causes disruptions and places added pressure on their colleagues. Therefore, it states the need for all employees to be present and punctual every workday, upholding the standards that enable the team and the entire organization to thrive.

Scope of an employee attendance policy

The employee attendance policy applies to all the employees of the organization, except those who are considered as an exemption and are approved by the management.

Key terms in a workplace attendance policy

👉 Absenteeism: Ever noticed a seat frequently empty during team meetings? That's absenteeism in action. It's when an employee frequently misses work or excessively takes sick leave without the necessary documentation to back it up.

👉 Presenteeism: On the flip side, there's the hero who's always at their desk, clocking hours beyond their schedule, even when overtime isn't the need of the hour. This might sound dedicated, but it's presenteeism, and it can lead to burnout, affecting productivity and job satisfaction. Remember, it's about quality, not just quantity.

👉 Tardiness: Then, there’s the rockstar who stylishly sweeps in late, enjoys extended breaks, and often calls it a day ahead of the curtain call. Occasional tardiness? A human slip we all can afford. But regularly bending time can disrupt the rhythm of our workplace orchestra.

At the heart of it all let us value balance. A little flexibility? Absolutely. But, staying true to the agreed-upon beat ensures everyone dances in harmony  🎵⏰🚀.

Download employee attendance policy sample template

Want to boost punctuality and foster responsibility in your team? Dive into our customizable Attendance Policy template

It's not just a set of rules, but a commitment to uphold professionalism. In mere minutes, you'll establish clear guidelines from daily check-ins to leave applications and beyond. Plus, we've covered the essentials: timely communication and what happens if things go off-track. 

Ready to streamline and elevate your company's work ethic? Let's get started!

Download Attendance Policy Template

Acceptable absences in an attendance policy

Unplanned Absences - When an employee cannot attend work, they should promptly notify their manager. If the manager is in a different time zone, they should contact HR. Absence for more than three consecutive days without notification is considered job abandonment.

Early Departures -  Should an employee need to leave early, they must inform their manager.

Excused Absences - In cases of serious emergencies, absences are marked as "excused." Verification, such as doctor’s notes, might be requested.

Responsibility of a manager 

Managers must actively monitor their team's attendance. If they spot consistent lateness or absences, a private conversation is in order. 

Encourage team members to communicate challenges that might affect their punctuality. Solutions can include flexible hours, remote work, or time management training. 

Key pointers for the managers

  • If absenteeism hints at a mental health concern, the team member should consult with the company's [mental health professional].
  • If a manager suspects misuse of sick leave, they should engage with HR and consider initiating a progressive discipline process.
  • If suspected of misusing sick leave, submitting doctor’s notes can be essential to avoid disciplinary actions. 
  • Corrective counseling serves as the initial remedy for unintentional tardiness.
  • Unreported and unexcused absences won't be paid, as they aren't counted as hours worked.

Progressive disciplinary measures, up to and including termination, may be taken if corrective counseling proves ineffective, deliberate tardiness is detected, or attendance issues affect work quality.


This is a general guide, not a legal document, and may not cover all laws under the Indian Labour law. Neither the writer nor Pazcare will be liable for any legal consequences arising from its use. Consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance and adapt this guide to your business needs.

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