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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy with Sample Template

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What is an equal employment opportunity in HRM?

An Equal Opportunities Policy in HRM stands as a cornerstone document in an organization. It embodies the company’s steadfast commitment to fostering an environment where every employee is treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, regardless of age, sex, race, gender reassignment, disability, pregnancy, marital status, religion, or beliefs.

The purpose of an equal opportunity policy

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy embodies [Company’s Name] pledge to ensure equality and foster diversity across all levels of our workplace.

Serving as the backbone of a robust and vibrant work environment, this policy is essential in ensuring that every team member feels valued, supported, and respected. [Company’s Name] is deeply invested in cultivating a workspace where respect and consideration are paramount, and where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. 

In practicing this commitment, we are not just adhering to ethical standards, but actively enhancing the richness, creativity, and productivity of our organization, making it a more inclusive and harmonious place to work.

Articles on Equality of Opportunity in Indian Law

These provisions collectively uphold India’s dedication to social equity, dignity, and equal opportunity for every citizen.

  • Article 15: This article is instrumental in prohibiting discrimination, stating that no citizen in India should face discrimination based on religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth, ensuring dignity and promoting social harmony.
  • Article 16: Focused on public employment, this article guarantees equality of opportunity for all citizens, regardless of their background, fostering a sense of inclusion and fairness in public sectors.
  • Article 16(2): This specific provision of Article 16 reinforces the commitment to non-discrimination in public employment, ensuring every citizen has an equal and fair chance based solely on merit.

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Establishing a comprehensive policy is vital for ensuring fairness in your organization. 

It helps in the following ways:

  • The policy mandates equitable treatment in hiring and progression, irrespective of race, gender, caste, or disability. 
  • Incorporate a clear mechanism for registering and resolving complaints, maintaining a harmonious work environment.
  • It helps you swiftly cover essential aspects like anti-discrimination rules in hiring and promoting, consequences for non-compliance, and the reporting and resolution process, including the identification of investigation team members. 

Download the equal opportunity policy template now and foster a more inclusive and fair workplace.

Download Equal Opportunity Policy Template

Scope of an equal opportunity policy

The Equal Opportunity Policy applies to everyone in the organization– employees, candidates, and partners alike. 

It focuses on being fair to all. We aim to tackle bias and value everyone for their skills, building a respectful and equal workplace for all.

Equal opportunity policy sample

I. Policy Overview: 

[Company Name] promotes equal employment opportunities, prohibiting discrimination based on age, colour, disability, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Our goal is a harassment-free environment where every individual can thrive, adhering to applicable laws and individual merits.

II. Provisions for Persons with Disabilities: 

Aligned with the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, we are committed to:

  • Ensuring a discrimination-free environment.
  • Providing necessary facilities and accommodations.
  • Designating a Liaison Officer for overseeing provisions and recruitment for persons with disabilities.
  • Establishing a Grievance Redressal mechanism.
  • Addressing grievances fairly and equitably through the Business Integrity Committee.

Confidentiality is maintained, with protection against any form of retaliation for utilizing the Act's provisions.

III. Responsibilities: 

All members of [Company Name] management are accountable for policy implementation, compliance with local laws, and adherence to the Company’s Code of Business Principles. The Executive Director of Human Resources oversees policy promotion and adherence, reporting to the CEO.

IV. Policy Communication: 

This policy is accessible to all employees, with relevant material included in company communications and recruitment literature, affirming [Company Name] as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

By embracing this policy, [Company Name] solidifies its dedication to a workspace marked by diversity, inclusion, respect, and dignity for all.


This is a general guide, not a legal document, and may not cover all laws under the Indian Labour law. Neither the writer nor Pazcare will be liable for any legal consequences arising from its use. Consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance and adapt this guide to your business needs.

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