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Code Of Professional Ethics Policy For Employees in India

A tailored Code of Ethics Policy ⚖️ is a cornerstone for addressing workplace challenges and fostering transparent and harmonious 🕊️ relations. Access 🔐our free template and take a step towards a more ethical and productive workplace.

Why is a Professional Code of Ethics Vital?

A Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct serves as the backbone of a company’s ethos. It not only outlines the ethical principles guiding our decisions and behaviors but also acts as a beacon of light in the intricacy of workplace dynamics. 

This comprehensive policy addresses salient aspects such as harassment, safety, conflicts of interest, and other controversial matters, thus equipping our employees with the wisdom to act responsibly and ethically.

But let us first find the difference between a code of conduct and a code of ethics.

Code of conduct vs. Code of ethics

Here is a simple table illustrating three main differences between a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics:

Aspect Code of Conduct Code of Ethics
Purpose Outlines specific behaviors required or prohibited. Provides general guidelines to promote ethical decision-making.
Scope Typically more detailed, addressing specific actions and behaviors. Broader, dealing with values, principles, and organizational culture.
Enforcement & Accountability Usually contains clear disciplinary actions for violations. May not outline specific punishments, but encourages adherence to ethical principles.

In short, while a Code of Conduct is more prescriptive and specific, detailing acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, a Code of Ethics is more principle-based, and designed to guide employees in making ethical decisions.

Download the customizable code of ethics policy

This Professional Code of Ethics template is primed for customization to meet your company’s unique requirements. To develop a comprehensive employee handbook, pair this sample with additional elements from a Code of Conduct policy.

To make the code of ethics policy more aligned to your workplace,

👉🏽Include clear definitions and distinctions between professional ethics and other organizational codes.

👉🏽Outline core principles guiding behavior, such as respect, integrity, lawfulness, and teamwork.

👉🏽Detail procedures for reporting violations and specify potential disciplinary actions for non-compliance.

Download Code of Ethics Policy Template

Professional code of ethics policy sample template

Code of Ethics Policy

I. Purpose of the Policy

At [Company Name], our pathway to success is paved with a commitment to the highest standards of behavior and ethical conduct. 

The Code of Conduct & Ethics (“Code”) is designed to guide the operations of our company and its subsidiaries in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules, ensuring we uphold the highest ethical values. The matters addressed in this Code are crucial to the employees, stakeholders, and the broader community we serve.

II. Applicability

This Code applies to all individuals associated with [Company Name], including Full-time Employees, Consultants, Part-timers, Interns, etc. Every individual is duty-bound to adhere to the provisions of this Code in both letter and spirit. Non-compliance will be considered a breach of ethical conduct and will be addressed with utmost seriousness. 

All are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Code and uphold these standards in all business dealings and activities. Provisions are available for confidential reporting and protected disclosures under the Company’s Whistle Blower Policy.

III. Principles

All employees are expected to exceed the following ethical principles and seek commitment from their colleagues in implementing the Code. Any ethical concerns should be promptly addressed with a supervisor, manager, or senior colleague.

  • Professional Conduct: Uphold and enhance the reputation of [Company Name] by maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships.

  • Rejecting Improper Practices: Refrain from any business practices that are improper or contravene any policies or laws.

  • Avoiding Personal Gain: Never use authority or influence for personal gain.

  • Promoting Professional Competence: Encourage and develop professional competence among colleagues.

  • Resource Management: Utilize resources responsibly to maximize benefits to the company.

  • Legal and Contractual Compliance: Adhere to local legal regulations and fulfil contractual obligations.

IV. Guidelines

1. Personal Interest: Declare any personal interest that might conflict with company duties to the immediate supervisor and Head of the Department.

2. Confidentiality: Respect and maintain the confidentiality of all information received. Avoid using information for personal gain or misleading others.

3. Competition: Foster fair competition and avoid arrangements that might inhibit it in the long term.

4. Business Gifts: Refrain from accepting gifts with more than a small intrinsic value and ensure any gifts received are used appropriately and contain the name/logo of the providing company.

5. Hospitality: Manage hospitality openly and carefully to avoid undue influence.

6. Meetings & Client Visits/Audits: Document all meetings and significant interactions with clients and circulate through established communication channels.

7. Transparency/Traceability: Record all salient points concerning business decisions and maintain documents as per company policy.

8. Seeking Advice: Seek advice from supervisors, managers, or senior colleagues when in doubt about acceptable conduct.

V. Implementation

This Code of Ethics, primarily written for employees, should be cascaded to all personnel associated with [Company Name] and adhered to diligently. Fostering an ethical environment is a collective responsibility, and we count on each member of our team to contribute to the integrity and success of [Company Name].


This is a general guide, not a legal document, and may not cover all laws under the Indian Labour law. Neither the writer nor Pazcare will be liable for any legal consequences arising from its use. Consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance and adapt this guide to your business needs.

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