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Rehiring Policy - Former Employee Rehire Policy

Looking to draft ✒️ a Rehire Policy? Designed with adaptability in mind, our sample Rehire Policy template serves as an initial framework 📄, ready to be refined to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Rehire policy for employees - the purpose and intent

At our organization, we value the experience and trust built with our former employees. Recognizing the potential benefits and efficiencies in rehiring familiar talent, we have established an Employee Rehire Policy. This policy provides guidelines for considering former employees for new roles within the company.

Scope of rehire policy

The Rehire Policy is applicable to employees who have previously left the organization on a permanent basis. The policy bars employees who are currently on extended leaves like medical, maternal, parental, or long-term leave.

Eligibility for rehire in your rehiring policy

The former employees of the organization are eligible based on this rehire policy and No former employee will be prohibited from applying for a position by this policy. 

However, the circumstances under which a former employee may be considered for rehire will be outlined.

For rehire consideration, it is stipulated that former employees should have departed from the company due to one of the following reasons:

  • Voluntary resignation
  • Company-initiated layoffs
  • Completion of a contractual period
  • Termination not related to violation of company policies, or illegal/unethical conduct

In the case of completion of the contractual period, the employees can ask for the renewal of their contract and it shall be considered.

Rehiring policy in other Indian organizations

Let us look at how India’s major organizations have structured their rehire policy.

TCS rehire policy

TCS's rehiring policy restricts former employees from rejoining. Additionally, there's reportedly a 6-month wait post-resignation for potential reentry.

HCL rehire policy

HCL's rehire policy permits former employees to seek re-employment after a set duration, typically ranging from six months to a year, following their resignation.

Infosys rehire policy

Infosys is open to welcoming back former employees who left on good terms. Some sources suggest that rehiring is possible if proper documentation, notice period adherence, and valid reasons for departure are provided.

Accenture rehire policy

Accenture rehires its former employees under a standard recruitment process. One can start by posting the application on the job portal and networking with Accenture's HR on LinkedIn.

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Rehiring policy - Ineligible employees for rehire

The concept of rehiring brings with it an array of considerations, intricacies, and benefits. As we believe in clarity and transparent communication, to help everyone understand our rehire policy in detail. 

So employees not eligible for rehire are - 

1. Categories Typically Deemed Ineligible for Rehire:

👉Policy Violations & Unethical Behavior: Employees who were terminated due to a breach of company policies, involvement in illegal activities, or any form of unethical behaviors.

👉Performance Concerns: Those who received an unsatisfactory performance rating during their last evaluation period with us. Consistent performance is key!

👉Job Abandonment: Employees who left their roles without any formal notice or prior intimation.

👉Initial No-Show: Candidates who, after accepting a job offer, did not show up on the agreed-upon starting day, making a wrong first impression. (Exceptions are, of course, in place for genuine reasons like medical emergencies).

2. Exceptions to the Rule: 

While certain terminations might seem definitive in terms of rehire ineligibility, there are special circumstances where revisiting such decisions is possible:

👉Court Mandates: If there's a legal directive that requires us to consider an employee for rehire.

👉Positive Behavioral Indications: Should there be substantial and reliable proof suggesting that a previously terminated employee has undergone significant positive behavioural changes, the possibility of rehiring them can be discussed. It's vital to note, however, that such considerations don't guarantee reemployment but open a door for potential discussions.

3. Baseline Eligibility for Rehire: 

The fundamentals of considering someone for a rehire are:

👉Probation Completion: Former employees should have successfully navigated and completed their probationary phase.

👉Steadfast Performance: The potential retiree should have consistently demonstrated adequate performance throughout their tenure with our organization. We value growth and commitment!

4. On the Topic of Retirees: 

Considering bringing a retiree back into the fold? It's a great way to leverage experience. Just ensure that all rehiring actions align with the relevant legal standards and guidelines.

Rehiring policy in HR - Guide to rehiring procedure

Let's break down the rehiring procedure step by step:

1. Application Review: 

First things first, our HR team dives into the previous records of the applicant. This gives us a glimpse of their journey with the company, ensuring we're making informed decisions.

2. Position Assessment: 

If the initial review checks out, it's time for the relevant department to step in. They'll gauge whether the applicant is a good match for the role in question. It's all about alignment!

3. The Reboarding Journey: 

Depending on the length of their previous tenure, there are two paths:

  • Less than [12] months of prior service? It's back to basics with our standard hiring and onboarding process. Fresh starts can be refreshing!
  • More than [12] months in their ledger? Here's where things get interesting. We kick things off with a pre-employment assessment, followed by an interview. If all goes well, they'll step into our specialized reboarding program, tailor-made for our seasoned alumni.

In the heart of [Your Company Name], we see potential everywhere. We're always eager to reconnect with former teammates who can amplify our mission and vision. Ensuring our rehiring decisions are systematic and just is not just a procedure—it's a promise.

Onward and upward! 🚀


This is a general guide, not a legal document, and may not cover all laws under the Indian Labour law. Neither the writer nor Pazcare will be liable for any legal consequences arising from its use. Consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance and adapt this guide to your business needs.

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