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Flexi Benefits Policy in HRM - Tax Saving Plan for Employees

Our Flexible Benefits Plan policy helps HR professionals improve their benefits programs. It allows employees to choose the benefits they need, makes it easier to manage the programs, and ensures everything follows the rules. Learn more and start using our Flexible Benefits Plan policy in your organization. Download the policy template and customize it for your organization.

What is the flexible benefits plan policy in HRM?

A flexible benefits plan company policy is a strategic framework implemented by organisations to offer their employees a customizable compensation package that aligns with individual needs and preferences. 

This policy empowers employees to select from various benefits such as meal allowance, fuel allowances, and professional development allowances. The policy typically involves partnerships with external service providers for efficient administration and includes guidelines for declaration, utilization, compliance, and taxation of benefits.

Purpose of the flexible benefits company policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide full-time employees of [Company Name] with flexible salary components to meet individual needs effectively.

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Scope of flexi benefits policy

This policy is applicable exclusively to full-time employees for the Financial Year [Year] Interns and consultants are not covered under this policy.

The flexible benefits company policy

Our Flexible Benefits Plan is designed to give employees the freedom to design their own package that best suits their individual needs and lifestyles. Whether it's enhancing savings, investing in personal development, or prioritizing health and wellness, our plan empowers employees to make responsible choices that maximize the value of their compensation.

How does flexi benefit policy work?

Through our partnership with Get Paz Solutions Pvt Ltd ("Pazcare"), we're able to provide a seamless experience for employees to access their benefits. Upon opting for benefits under the plan, employees will receive both physical and digital cards. The allocated amount for each benefit will be credited monthly to the employee's digital card, with deductions conveniently made from their Special Allowance component of the monthly salary.

Employees have the flexibility to use the physical card, or digital card, or submit printed bills for reimbursement through the Pazcare application. Approved reimbursements are deducted from the digital card and transferred to a cash/reimbursement wallet ("Cash Card"), providing employees with the freedom to utilize their benefits without restrictions.

What are the benefits offered as per the policy?

Our Flexible Benefits Plan offers a wide range of benefits to cater to diverse employee needs, including:

  1. Meal Coupons
  2. Fuel
  3. Gift allowances
  4. Telephone and wifi bills allowance
  5. Uniform allowance
  6. Books and Periodicals
  7. Learning and development allowance
  8. Gadgets & Equipment

Declaration and Compliance

To ensure transparency and compliance, employees are required to declare their chosen benefits at the beginning of the financial year or upon joining the company. Once opted, benefits cannot be changed or discontinued during the current financial year or until exit. 

Employees are responsible for ensuring that submitted bills comply with policy terms, and supporting bills are required for tax exemption.


At [Company Name], we understand that every employee is unique, with individual needs and priorities. Our Flexible Benefits Plan reflects our commitment to empowering our team members to make choices that enhance their well-being and overall satisfaction. By offering flexibility and choice, we're proud to support our employees on their journey to success.

We look forward to seeing our team members embrace this opportunity and make the most of our Flexible Benefits Plan in the coming year. Together, we can create a workplace where every employee feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive.

[Company Name] is excited to embark on this journey of empowerment with our dedicated team members. Let's make the Financial Year [Year] a year of growth, fulfilment, and success for all!

Please contact the HR department in case of any queries or clarifications.


This is a general guide, not a legal document, and may not cover all laws under the Indian Labour law. Neither the writer nor Pazcare will be liable for any legal consequences arising from its use. Consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance and adapt this guide to your business needs.

Access Flexi Benefits Plan Policy Template

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