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Every organization knows the importance of making the appropriate hires. These days, it's harder than ever to find and keep competent, motivated employees. New hires now need specialized skills because of remote working. It is a blessing to have something that can simplify the life of HR professionals. That is what employee referral software can achieve.

Employee referral software has become more and more acceptable in organizations, and it's easy to see why. They can help cut down on the time and cost it takes to fill a position. 

What is employee referral software?

Employee referral software is a mechanism that lets a company's staff participate in the hiring process. Through this software, employees are given the opportunity to recommend people from their network or circle who they believe would be ideal for a position inside their organization.

What is employee referral program?

An employee referral program is a well-organized and planned program in which Human Resources asks current employees to propose candidates for available positions. Employee referral, as opposed to sourcing, is an internal strategy for finding and hiring the finest people through employees' existing networks.

Benefits of employee referral software

  • Lower workload for HRs

When hiring, generating quality leads is half work done. Instead of listing on multiple platforms and receiving a huge mix of good and bad leads, HRs can get employees to recommend friends and acquaintances for vacant posts. By updating referrers via computerized communication, the referral employee software handles the remaining tasks. 

  • Increased workforce outreach

Employee referrals have a wide reach if employees promote job advertisements on social media, through word-of-mouth, or by directly submitting referrals. The dependability of referrals even reaches highly competent passive applicants who are not actively looking for work but may contemplate shifting jobs for a better one.

  • Enhances the company's brand reputation

For many organizations, developing a brand image that draws top talent can take a lot of effort and money. But what if the message was being delivered by employees? Job searchers are significantly more likely to trust the advice of an employee than that of an employer.

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The main lesson for employers is to provide fantastic working conditions for their staff. People will seek the same experience if they witness or hear about employees enjoying their jobs!

  • Higher conversion rate

Employee referrals have a higher rate of progress in the hiring process. According to Glassdoor interview statistics, employee referral increases the likelihood of job matching by 2.6 - 6.6 percent.

  • Automated reward system

Employees are rewarded when their referrals are employed in every good employee referral program. An incentive system naturally adds to greater employee motivation and involvement in continually generating referrals.

As a result, many businesses establish their own reward system, determining the amount of monetary compensation for each listed post, graded in certain cases according to hard-to-fill role characteristics. This can be managed seamlessly with an employee referral software.

How should I select a software for employee referrals?

The software must offer a variety of features appropriate for your unique recruitment needs in order to run a seamless and effective company-wide referral campaign. The ideal one ought to have a user-friendly, appealing design, and be versatile, reliable, and easy to use. Before looking for software that will work well for you, it's necessary to assess your desired goals.

Features such as simple program initiation, swift and one-click referrals, full tracking and management, interaction with existing processes, rapid compensation, etc. should be included in a perfect employee referral tracking software. In order to assist you in making a well-informed choice, here is a brief analysis of the top 10 employee referral programs on the market.

Top 10 employee referral tracking software


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With the help of the talent acquisition platform Jobvite, you can control every aspect of the talent management lifecycle in one place. For companies of all sizes, the technology is effective. It's a useful tool to take into account if you're seeking for a talent management suite that also functions admirably as an employee referral program.

The following is a short list of features that Jobvite offers:

Screening Documents: Recruiters can design screening questions to include on the application form and use them throughout the workflow to eliminate out unsuitable applicants. You can automatically send the hiring manager an email to evaluate a candidate's record based on their responses to these forms, speeding up the recruiting process.

Dynamic Planning: For a candidate to be scheduled for an in-person interview, the human resource personnel no longer has to open different appointments in Task Scheduler. They may quickly plan out the candidate's day while on location with Jobvite's dynamic interview scheduling tool, which allows them to manage all appointments on a single screen.

Evaluation Comments: Jobvite helps to make judgments quickly, recruiters and hiring managers can swiftly compare candidate input from each of the interviews in a side-by-side display. They can also view the ratings of the candidates from every stage of the interview in one place.


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The employee referral software from Teamable makes use of the social networks of your staff members to build flexible and dynamic talent pools. By streamlining your referral operations, Teamable aids in your search for top talent. The interface encourages greater employee engagement and streamlines the employee recommendation procedure.

The software has a number of features, such as:

  • Contact Administration
  • Managing Employee Referrals
  • Analytics and Reporting on Employee Engagement
  • Training Administration
  • Performance Evaluation


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ERIN's employee referral program software is renowned for being quick and user-friendly. Employees are attracted to referring and monitoring the progress of their referrals while on the road. On its website, ERIN claims that utilizing the online or mobile apps, recommendations can be made "in under 30 seconds."

With the aid of an easy-to-use mobile app, ERIN enables your business to streamline the employee recommendation process. As a crucial feature of any contemporary referral system, employees can connect their networks to the platform to receive referral recommendations. The fact that their solution is mobile-first makes it ideal for all referral kinds, including blue-collar jobs that are typically overlooked by most referral technology.


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RolePoint was developed with the conviction that the greatest employee referral software is the key to finding successful personnel.

In order to match the best talent with the right openings, RolePoint developed a system that can appropriately pair the contacts of current employees with open positions. This system uses data science and algorithms to couple relationships with contacts.

RolePoint employee referrals give you the ability to handle all of your referral rewards without clumsy spreadsheets or calendar reminders, enabling you to grow and track your referred prospects with accuracy. You can understand how the referral software is operating thanks to deep analytics.

The referral program experience is significantly more engaging and rewarding thanks to campaigns and gamification. Within your company, you as an HR personnel have the choice of focusing on positions with strong development potential and recruitment challenges.


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Zalp is a one-stop shop that offers all the components of a social media employee referral tracking software solution and was created with the convenience of the customer in mind. Zalp gives current employees access to all of their contacts through various forums by implementing seven different methods of distributing job postings.

Zalp then assesses the referral procedure to monitor development, provide real-time referral status data, and motivate staff to identify prospects using a scoreboard.


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Reffind is a user-friendly platform that enables staff members to look through open positions at the business and determine whether they can recommend a qualified candidate. Reffind gives staff members the option to send job openings to any candidates they think qualified once they've selected the vacant roles.


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Employee referral management systems were first used by Talentry. It has the most complete talent relationship platform, which handles the time-consuming responsibilities of a recruiting drive, including candidate relationship management, coordinating recruitment events, managing referrals, and talent sourcing.

By helping to recruit and hire people, as well as converting them into brand ambassadors, talentry helps businesses achieve long-term success.

Unique Features of Talentry include:

  • Employee involvement for more high-quality recommendations: The Talentry employee referral software maintains staff enthusiasm in the referral program. HRs can communicate with coworkers who are away from their computers frequently by using the mobile app. Simple options like automatic newsletters, targeted email campaigns, internal stories, and push notifications in the app make sure that all communication regarding your employee referral s completely professional.
  • Take advantage of ATS integration for thorough reporting and the ideal applicant journey: The automated synchronization of job advertisements and applications is only one benefit of having a seamless connection to your applicant tracking system (ATS). Additionally, it increases transparency across the entire hiring process, including employee referrals. This enables thorough reporting and aids in the optimization of your referral strategy. From the first contact through the application, synchronization with your applicant tracking system (ATS) guarantees a continuous candidate and recruiter journey.
  • Continue to be effective and GDPR compliant: Talentry makes it simple for HR professionals to set up their digital employee referral program so that it complies with GDPR, from collecting and saving consent to automatic upgrades. By doing this, you can make sure that data protection doesn't start to reduce productivity.


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An online employee referral program called Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive options for finding, recruiting, and managing candidates without switching back and forth between media.

Companies may develop more effective hiring strategies thanks to the completely automated and highly customized workflows of Zoho Recruit. Applications from Zoho, such as CRM, Email, Calendar, Video Meetings, Marketing Tools, etc., may be synchronized in one place on a platform that is easy to use and effective.

Zoho Recruit's features include:

  • Analytical measures of referrals.
  • Real-time dashboard.
  • Customizable Hiring pipeline.
  • Artificial intelligence recruitment software.
  • Source Boosters, a unique applicant sourcing platform developed by Zoho Recruit.


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Creating and customizing the ideal template is simple with Genius Referrals. With the best tools to customize various programs at a low cost, Genius Referrals is a top referral marketing platform. Genius Referrals provides a wide range of tools and features, such as customer dashboards, internationalized widgets, numerous accounts, real-time monitoring, and many more.

The Genius Referral software has the following special characteristics:

  • Genius software, which was created with simplicity in mind, makes setting up your referral program simple and quick.
  • The whole suite of referral management solutions gives HR professionals instant access to everything they require. The solutions from Genius software scale with your company, making them a great fit at all times.
  • The ground-breaking platform from Genius Software enables HR executives to quickly create and implement referral programs at a fraction of the cost of more time-consuming, conventional approaches.


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Yello is a single platform that can handle all of your talent acquisition requirements. Its employee referral software equips staff to find and recruit the best individuals within your network and swiftly and successfully hire them.

The straightforward and integrated solutions from Yello also enable you to gain a thorough insight of past recommendations and overall candidate experience.

Some characteristics of the Yello employee referral software include:

  • Streamline Internal Procedures: With a straightforward, integrated platform, let your team to recommend outside talent with ease.

Platform for integrated referrals

Tracking employee progress and measuring success

  • Ensure Global Compliance: Keep up with the competition with referrals software that integrates easily with the platforms you already use.

Mobile-friendly feature that integrates with your ATS

Status tracker with transparency

  • More Effective Hiring: Utilize your internal recruiters to select the best candidates from your employee network.

Streamlined referral participation

Active and enthusiastic talent pools

Top 10 best employee referral software comparison

Product Pricing Free Trial Mobile App Ease of Use Ratings
Jobvite $400 per month No Yes 8.1/10 4.0/5
Teamable $6000 per year Yes Yes 9.6/10 4.8/5
ERIN $499 per month Yes Yes 8.3/10 4.7/5
RolePoint NA No No 8.0/10 4.2/5
Reffind NA NA Yes NA NA
Talentry To find out the cost, get in touch with the Talentry team NA Yes 8.0/10 4.6/5
Zoho Recruit Free Edition - $0;
Standard Edition - $25/recruiter/month.
Professional Edition - $50/recruiter/month.
Enterprise Edition - $75/recruiter/month
Yes Yes 9.6/10 4.8/5
Genius Referrals $49 per month Yes No 8.2/10 NA
Yello Prices must be obtained by contacting the Yello team. NA No NA NA

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