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RolePoint product overview

Rolepoint Inc. offers a platform for employee referrals. Employee referrals, internal mobility, application optimization, and ATS and CRM middleware software packages are available from the company. Rolepoint services the areas of technology, healthcare, banking, consulting, financial, pharmaceutical, recruiting, and staffing. RolePoint is developing software that is revolutionizing the way talent is found.

  1. Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a talent acquisition analytics solution that includes the interactive dashboards you need to convey your talent acquisition data narrative. Get real-time, reliable data for the complete hiring process, spanning your existing HR tech stack, in a single tool.

  1. Powerful Analytics

The depth of recruitment data offers you with greater insights to make more educated hiring decisions that provide more predictable hiring results. This platform's actionable insights offer improved visibility, smart automation, and shorter time to hire.

  1. ATS & Onboard 

It is a robust, user-friendly applicant tracking system that uses automation and intelligence to help you recruit quicker, smarter, and with greater confidence. This applicant tracking system (ATS) software automates the whole employment process, allowing companies to boost hiring effectiveness and velocity.

  1. Chat Box

Modern recruitment relies on providing applicants with a highly tailored experience while employing smart technology and automation to reduce the strain on recruiters.

  1. Video Screening

This technology speeds up, improves, and establishes uniformity in the application screening process. This functionality, the only video screening option built directly into an ATS, makes the process smooth and simple for recruiters, hiring teams, and applicants alike.

  1. Career Sites

It is designed to provide TA teams of all sizes with a career site that assists them in attracting job searchers and making appealing first impressions - with relevant, tailored material and a deliciously simple job search and apply procedure.

  1. CRM

Get ahead of new requisitions by using a CRM that ensures the relevant personnel is found and engaged before your business needs it.

Features of RolePoint

Advanced Analytics

  • Explore your talent data
  • Bring your data together
  • Turn data into action
  • Get unmatched visibility
  • Deploy in minutes

Powerful Analytics

  • Make smarter, faster and data driven hiring decisions
  • Actionable insights
  • Peer benchmarking

ATS & Onboard

  • Hire smarter and faster with confidence
  • Increase recruiting efficiency with the smart automation of candidate tracking
  • Onboarding software that seamlessly transitions new hires to productive employees
  • Take control of hiring process

Chat Box

  • Deliver an exceptional candidate experience
  • Control the presentation of your employee brand
  • Capture job seekers attention
  • Manage complex sites

Video Screening

  • Screen faster 
  • Screen fairly
  • Screen collaboratively

Career Sites

  • Recruiter-created workflows
  • Automated real-time feedback
  • Earn time back in your day


  • Meet candidates from all locations
  • Turn passive talents into engages applicants
  • Fits organizations of all sizes

RolePoint pricing

$400 per month

Free version availability


Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME etc


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